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2023 Gallatin Global Fellows

Aarna Dixit

Photo of Aarna Dixit

Fellowship Organization Location: Belgium

Aarna Dixit is a sophomore double major in Global Liberal Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU. Aarna is an activist, writer, speaker and podcast co-host of Dirty Talk.  She gave a TedX Youth Talk on the importance of sexual violence allyships, was a 2020 HERLead Fellow and was featured in Teen Vogue 21 Under 21 List. Aarna is an intern at NYU’s Student Health Center where she worked on the podcast Good Sex @NYU. She has previously interned at NAMI, Planned Parenthood, ASHA International and Next Up Oregon. She writes for the Washington Square News and is part of the NYU Student Government Assembly. This summer Aarna will be working with NANSEN in Brussels to provide legal aid for refugees. 

Yassmine Hussein

Photo of Yassmine Hussein

Fellowship Organization Location: Egypt
Cairo 52 Legal Research Institute

Yassmine Hussein is a Masters student in Gallatin studying Development, Gender and Policy which she began pursuing after completing a bachelors degree in Political Science and Economics from Cairo University. An Egyptian-American, she has studied and worked both in the U.S and Egypt, her professional career developed through experiences in NGO's such as Ashoka Arab World and Ford Foundation, working on projects in the fields of social and economic development with a focus on at risk communities. This summer Yassmine intends to visit Cairo and work with Cairo 52, a legal research institute, who's work focuses on the human rights of socially vulnerable groups, including sex workers. She aims to assist Cairo 52 in documenting and sharing the stories of this at risk population while also working on her independent study of shedding light on the human rights violations these workers face on a day to day basis from both the state and their communities.

Santana Kavanaugh

Photo of Santana Kavanaugh

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (Washington DC)
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Santana Kavanaugh is a sophomore at Gallatin pursuing a concentration in Critical Race Theory, Human Rights, and Minority Studies and an MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management via the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. She has spent five years working in the social justice field as an activist, an anti-hate instructor for NYC youth, a community outreach coordinator, and a political organizer. Kavanaugh will be working with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to research African Americans' persecution and modern enslavement through a human rights lens. She will focus on the U.S. government's historical and contemporary efforts to target, immobilize, and incarcerate African Americans. She also plans to explore modern approaches to dismantling such systems of oppression through policy reform and reparations.

Olivia Krivitsky

Photo of Olivia Krivitsky

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
Belleveue Program for Survivors of Torture

Olivia is a junior at Gallatin on the premed track where her concentration focuses on Translational Medicine and Health Equity. Her main interests in the human rights field lie in access to healthcare for marginalized groups in conjunction to the examination of government, physician, and civilian responsibility. She hopes to promote health equity, make strides in implementation science, and work with vulnerable communities to provide access to healthcare and hence promote the human right to health through devising healthcare policy and combating existing disparities.  This summer Olivia will be working with Dr. Allen Keller and the Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture.


Alice Ni

Photo of Alice Ni

Fellowship Organization Location: Kenya
Nubian Rights Forum

Alice is a junior at Gallatin studying International Relations, Economy, and Development, particularly US relations with East Asian and African countries and their respective economies. After learning about the pervasive environmental and economic legacies of colonialism through Gallatin, Alice became interested in human rights issues in Africa, especially those caused in combination by transnational corporations and parasitic governments. This summer, Alice Nubian Rights Forum, which works specifically with the Nubian ethnic group in Kenya to advocate for educational, economic, and land rights.

Laura Maria Rojas

Photo of Laura Maria Rojas

Fellowship Organization Location: Mexico
Oxfam Mexico

Laura Maria Rojas is an MPA student in Public & Nonprofit Management and Policy at NYU Wagner, with a BA degree in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Los Andes. Originally from Colombia, she worked with teachers and students on peace education programs at the National Center for Historical Memory. Laura also participated in the reintegration process of former guerrilla combatants. She managed gender-based projects that promoted reconciliation and economic empowerment for female ex-combatants and victims of the armed conflict. After those experiences, she joined feminist organizations to advocate for women's sexual and reproductive rights. This summer, Laura plans to intern at Oxfam Mexico, supporting efforts to advocate for a National Care System and to promote the fair distribution of care work. She is interested in understanding the conditions under which grassroots feminist organizations, NGOs, and local governments unite to advance women’s rights and gender equality in Mexico.


Puja Thapa

Photo of Puja Thapa

Fellowship Organization Location: Nepal

Puja is a master's student at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences pursuing a Masters in International Relations. She currently works as the Youth Organizer Fellow at Adhikaar, a women-led community center that organizes low-income Nepali-speaking community members to promote social justice and human rights. Puja's academic experience at NYU and work experience in Adhikaar have motivated her interest in understanding how international movement is gendered, racialized, and politicized. Puja will intern in Kathmandu, Nepal, with WOREC Nepal this summer. The organization functions with the premise of women's rights and social justice as prerequisites for peace, social justice, and sustainable development. Puja will be involved in their "Right to Mobility and Decent Work" campaign that focuses on Nepali women labor migrants and the vulnerability of women to forced labor and trafficking. Through her research, report writing, and storytelling skills, Puja hopes to contribute to safer conditions for Nepali women labor migrants.


Abigail Toomey

Photo of Abigail Toomey

Fellowship Organization Location: Egypt

Abigail is a master’s student at the Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies. After graduating from Bard College with a degree in Human Rights and Middle Eastern Studies, she received a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco. She is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to questions of space, land sovereignty, and urban geography. In her undergraduate thesis, she examined American University in Cairo’s new campus as a site for environmental transformation and spatial segregation in Cairo, Egypt. This summer, she hopes to build upon this previous research to examine the right to the city and the role of informal and formal space in Cairo. She will work with CLUSTER Cairo, an organization that promotes urban justice in downtown Cairo through spatial dimensions. She hopes to examine the role of space in human rights through focusing on urban struggles for the right to public space and the tension between informal and formal practices in Cairo.


Erin Worden

Photo of Erin Worden

Fellowship Organization Location: Kenya

Erin Worden is an MPA candidate at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. After graduating from Denison University in 2017, Erin held a year-long fellowship in Morocco at the Hillary Clinton Center for Women’s Empowerment, the foremost English language research center on contemporary gender and women's rights issues in North Africa. After returning to the U.S., Erin served as a Program and Grants Manager at Women’s Refugee Commission, working to advance sexual and reproductive health for survivors of displacement in emergency settings. An advocate of reproductive justice, Erin is also a community trained, full-spectrum doula. This summer, Erin will partner with Ipas, an international NGO dedicated to advancing reproductive justice through expanding abortion and contraception access and availability. She will support ongoing research exploring the potential of self-managed abortion (also known as medication abortion) in refugee settings, deepening her experience with decentralized, anti-racist, and dignified humanitarian programming.