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Gallatin Travel Courses

Gallatin offers small, intensive, discussion-based seminars led by Gallatin faculty away from NYU's Washington Square campus. These travel courses are designed for students to explore particular cultural or historical topics in-depth in another country or region. Students experience the location hands-on through visits to museums and sites of historical, cultural, and political significance.

Courses and topics vary each year. For these unique courses, the School seeks dedicated, inquisitive students who are eager to build a community with professors and fellow students. Interested students are encouraged to apply early, as most programs fill on a rolling basis.


Minimum 3.0 GPA and good academic & disciplinary standing. Most Gallatin travel courses are open to undergraduates of all NYU schools, and some are open to graduate students and students outside NYU. See course pages for additional details.

Financial Aid

Students are advised to search and apply early for financial aid, if needed. See our Financial Aid for Study Away page for opportunities.

Future Travel Courses

Please check back for updates.

Past Years' Travel Courses


ITALY: Italian Renaissance, Art, and Literature: The Culture Explosion
Bella Mirabella. TRAVL-GG 2060, 4 credits. Florence

FRANCE: Black in the City of Light
Myisha Priest. TRAVL-UG/GG 9301, 4 credits. Paris

GERMANY: Berlin: Capital of Modernity
Karen Hornick & Fredric Smoler. TRAVL-UG 9500, 4 credits. Berlin

SENEGAL: Postcolonial Urbanisms: Development, Environment, & Social Movements in Senegal
Rosalind Fredericks. TRAVL-UG 9801, 4 credits. Dakar/Touba/Saint-Louis

USA: Hawaii: Island Science
Matthew Stanley. TRAVL-UG 9050, 4 credits. Hilo, HI

SPAIN: Madrid: Faces of the Changing European City
Gianpaolo Baiocchi. TRAVL-UG 9350, 4 credits. Madrid

ENGLAND: Dickens' Jurisdictions: Bleak House and the Social and Legal Worlds of Nineteenth-Century London
Sara Murphy. TRAVL-UG 9125, 4 credits. London

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires: In and Of the City
Michael Dinwiddie & Mark McMeley. TRAVL-UG 9400, 4 credits. Buenos Aires

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague: Design as Performance
Kristin Horton. TRAVL-UG 9250, 4 credits. Prague

GHANA: Africa and the Politics of Aid
Millery Polyné. TRAVL-UG 9800, 4 credits. Accra

ITALY: Machiavelli's Florence: Political and Cultural Resonances
George Shulman. TRAVL UG-9600, 4 credits. Florence


ENGLAND: Charles Dickens' Victorian London: Fictions of Urbanization
Sara Murphy. TRAVL-UG 9130, 4 credits. London

IRELAND: James Joyce and Interdisciplinary Modernism
Greg Erickson. IDSEM-UG 1743, 4 credits. Dublin

SRI LANKA: Human Rights: Local and Global
Vasuki Nesiah. IDSEM-UG 1825, 4 credits. Colombo

USA: The Detroit Cycle: 21st-Century Reinvention(s)
Michael Dinwiddie. IDSEM-UG 1993, 4 credits. Detroit, MI

January Term

INDIA: Culture, Development, and Globalization in India
Rittie Lukose. TRAVL-UG 9700, 4 credits. Bangalore

TURKEY: Istanbul: Mapping the Past in the Present
Hallie Franks. TRAVL-UG 9750, 4 credits. Instanbul

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