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External Study

External Study for Graduate Students

A graduate student in academic good standing may be permitted to take credit-bearing graduate-level courses at an institution other than NYU if the courses fit logically into the student’s program. All such course work must be approved in advance by both the student’s primary adviser and the Gallatin MA Program.

External study is defined as concurrent registration, in which the student registers part- or full-time at an accredited institution in the United States or abroad. Concurrent registration typically is limited to situations in which students want to take courses not offered by NYU.

Units earned from external study are considered transfer units and must adhere to the policies applicable to transfer units, as follows. Students may not register concurrently for independent studies or internships. Grades for external study will not appear on the student’s transcript, nor will they be included in the student’s grade point average. Only grades of B or better will be accepted for transfer units, and no units will be given for a course graded or taken pass/fail. The amount of transfer credit awarded at NYU will be based on the number of credits/units earned at the external institution, as well as the length of that institution's academic term. Students should be aware that they are limited to earning a maximum of 6 units through external study, which will be counted toward the 12-unit maximum of transfer and course equivalency units.

Graduate students who are considering External Study should be aware that studying at another institution can impact Financial Aid and/or Scholarship disbursement. Students should refer questions about the financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid. Questions about how external study impacts Gallatin scholarships can be directed to the Administrative Director of the M.A. Program

Students who have read these guidelines and would like to submit an application for external study can do so via this online form: application for external study