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Graduate Internships

Students interested in pursuing an internship must first consult with their faculty adviser to determine how an internship would fit into their academic program.  If the adviser agrees that an internship is a good idea, the student should then reach out to the Office of Academic Internships to determine next steps in the registration process

Please also keep in mind the following guidelines: 

  • Number of Units, Meeting Hours and Grading
    Internships can be taken for one, two, three and four units. The number of units is determined by the number of hours worked at the placement each week over the course of the semester. Typically, 3-4 hours per week is equivalent to 1 unit, and units are adjusted from there. A typical 4-unit internship will require approximately 12-16 hours/week of on-site work. Internships for more than 4-units are granted by special approval by the Senior Director of Academic Internships. All graduate internships are graded pass/fail. The faculty adviser assigns the final grade, which is based on the meetings, the reflections and the written work, as well as the supervisor’s performance evaluation.

  • Timeline of Responsibilities
    • Site Confirmation Letter: Before the semester begins
    • Proposal: Before the semester begins
    • Reflections: Submitted to the adviser periodically during the semester
    • Learning Contract: Due by the end of the second week of classes
    • Progress Report: Due mid-semester
    • Final research paper: Due end of semester