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NYU Courses

Taking Courses across NYU

Based on their individual needs and interests, Gallatin students take courses in graduate programs throughout the University. As long as they have met the prerequisites and the program does not limit enrollment to its own students, Gallatin students are eligible to enroll in courses in all the other graduate schools of NYU (except the School of Medicine and the College of Dentistry). Many Gallatin students take courses in several different NYU graduate schools.

As part of their program planning, students should refer to the bulletins and websites of all the schools in which they might study. The directory of NYU schools below is designed to help graduate students identify programs and departments where they may take courses. Please note that some of the courses in the schools and departments listed here have prerequisites, and others may be limited to students in their respective departments.

Please be sure to consult the course listings on Albert for the most comprehensive information about available courses.  When viewing courses on Albert, it is important to review the information in the notes section in order to learn about any registration restrictions.  If you encounter a course that requires special permission to enroll, you should contact the program or department to ask about the process for requesting permission.

Graduate students will not receive credit for undergraduate course work. Courses that contain -G* in the subject area (e.g. CORE-GG, COLIT-GA, MCC-GE, etc.) are graduate-level courses. Courses with a -U* in the subject code are undergraduate courses (e.g., JOUR-UA, IDSEM-UG, MCC-UE, etc.).

Please note that current students who want to contact departments about a particular course and/or cross-registration information should reach out to the program administrator listed on the department's 'contact information' page (not to the director of graduate studies or the department chair). Unless otherwise noted below, program administrators and administrative aides are always the best point of contact when you are inquiring about registration codes and cross-registration procedures. Please also note that the 'contact information' links below all link to departmental staff and administration. Students interested in checking out faculty profiles should go to the main website and search the department's navigation bar for faculty profiles. 


College of Global Public Health

  • Contact
  • Special Note: Gallatin students can register for courses at the College of Global Public Health, but they give their own students priority registration. 

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Graduate School for Arts and Sciences

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Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

  • Special Note: Gallatin students are welcome to request enrollment in Wagner courses but they must complete Wagner's cross-registration request form (link here). Registration requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis so please submit the form as early as possible. Wagner students are given priority. Updates to requests will be emailed 10 business days after the request is made. Some courses may close or will not have capacity until one month before the start of classes.

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School of Law

  • Contact
  • Special Note: courses in the School of Law require the professor’s permission. Also note that typically the School of Law does not allow registration in the spring for non-law students. Students interested in a course at the School of Law can send an email to


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School of Professional Studies


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Silver School of Social Work

  • Contact
  • Special Note: Typically, the only courses in the Silver School of Social Work that are potentially open to non-Silver students are the electives that begin with MSWEL GS .For these electives, students may ask the professor directly and explain your interest/background. You may want to attach a resume to provide further information. Please note that MSW students have priority for all courses. Gallatin students are welcome to enroll in appropriate electives two weeks after registration opens for Silver students. If there's room in the course and the professor approves, it should be fine.


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Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Administration, Leadership, and Technology

Applied Psychology

Art and Art Professions

  • Art Education
  • Art Therapy 
    • Contact
    • special note: We have been informed by the department of Art Therapy that the only course non-majors can take is Intro to Art Therapy. You may wish to contact the department directly to see if it may be possible to enroll in other courses. 
  • Studio Art
    • Contact
    • Special Note:Core courses in the MFA Studio Art Program are available only to students who are matriculated in the MFA Studio Art Program in the Departmentof Art and Art Professions of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

      For details about elective courses that may be available to Gallatin MA students, please contact Meghan Wilcox, Graduate Professions Advisor. 
  • Visual Arts Administration
    • Contact
    • Special Note: Students who are enrolled in the department of Visual Arts Administration have priority in terms of registration. If there is space in the class, the department is happy to accommodate Gallatin students.
  • Costume Studies

Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Media, Culture, and Communication

Music and Performing Arts Professions

  • Special Note: The Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions welcomes graduate student participation and registration in graduate level classes. However, there are conditions which must be met, for example, an audition for a private lesson with artist faculty and/or ensemble participation in jazz and classical repertoire, and knowledge of music theory/music history which will enhance an experience in graduate level music classes offered by the department . Please note that certain courses in the music department require departmental consent. Please see the registrar’s Web site at for details.

  • Dance Education
  • Educational Theatre
  • Music Business
  • Music Education 
  • Concert Composition
  • Music Technology
    • Contact
    • Specical Note: For the course “Audio Mastering”, priority goes to Mtech majors. However, if there is room in the course, it would be open by permission from the professor (students need to email their background and have relevant experience and cc Eleanor Sparaccio in the department if the professor approves.) The Graduate Intern Music Tech is not open to nonmajors, However, students can do internships through Gallatin’s Internship Program.
  • Performing Arts Administration
  • Drama Therapy
    • Contact
    • special note: Most courses in Drama Therapy are available, with the exception of the internship lab and seminar. Some courses have a prerequisite. 
  • Music Therapy
    • Contact
    • Special Note: Please note that most courses in the Music Therapy department are reserved for students enrolled in that program .The only course in the department that is open to Gallatin students is Introduction to Music Therapy. 

Nutrition and Food Studies

  • Food Studies
    • Contact
    • Special Note: Please note that Core courses in the Graduate Food Studies Program are available only to students who are matriculated in the Graduate Food Studies Program of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. For details about elective courses that may be available, please contact Samantha Widder the Food Studies Graduate Adviser, at
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Contact
    • Special Note: students who would like to enroll in graduate level courses in the Nutrition and Dietetics Program need to be DPD (Didactic Program in Dietetics) verified in order to be eligible to register for courses in this program. Courses may be restricted, even for those with DPD verification. 

Teaching and Learning


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Tisch School of the Arts

Courses in the acting, dance, design, dramatic writing, musical theater writing and film departments at the Tisch School of the Arts are frequently not available to Gallatin students. However, it is often possible for students to design a program in these areas utilizing courses in other NYU departments, internships, independent studies, tutorials, private lessons, Tisch Open Arts curriculum graduate-level courses, and Gallatin elective graduate-level courses. You can also visit this webpage to learn more about courses that are open to non-Tisch students. 


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