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Thesis Archive

Gallatin M.A. students may consult previously submitted theses in the Gallatin Master's Thesis Archive (NYU Net ID required). 

Students who are interested in seeing sample theses may want to take a look at the following theses, which are available in the archive. Note that it is necessary to sign in with an NYU Net ID to view these theses. Once you are signed into the archive, you may search by date, author, title, or subject.

For more details about the different thesis formats, please see the information about types of theses on the Gallatin website.

Sample Research Theses:

  • Claudia Bruce, “‘She Will Be Her Own Doll:’ Appropriate Dress and the Performance of Woman”
  • Bryan Farrell, “This Is What Hope Looks Like: The Rise of the Grassroots Climate Movement in the U.S.”
  • Sonja Harpstead, “Experiences in Youth Circus: Exploring Alternative Interpretations of Circus Programs"
  • Loredana Loy, “Cinematic Discourse and Social Change: An Exploration of the Impact Of Animal Advocacy in Film”
  • Hudson McFann, “Violent Waste: Discarding the Enemy”
  • David Miller, “Designing Pro-Environmental Persuasion into Product Interfaces”
  • Jessica Savage, “Harassment in Schools: A Silent Problem with Deafening Consequences”
  • Jessica Stambaugh, “20th Century American Domestic Interiors and the Folk Impulse”
  • Helen Warwick, “Institutionalizing Ephemeral Art: Investigating the Collection and Preservation of Transient Performative Gestures”

Sample Artistic Theses:

  • Jennifer Grossman, “Quantum Echoes: Spatial Sound Practice & Embodiment through Sonic Immersion”
  • Candace Ishmael, “What We Talk About When We Talk About History: The Empty Tree, Omeros and Language in Caribbean Literature”
  • Dages Keates, “Foundations of the Flesh: Primitivity Reconsidered”
  • Madeleine Pryor, “Documenting the Documenters”

Sample Project Theses:

  • Eric Wayne Kratzer, "Technological Dependency Arising from Mobile Phone Use”
  • Joel McIlven, “Re-visioning the Curriculum through Raps”
  • Rachael Sharp, “Cultivating Social Imagination: An Arts-Based Intergroup Dialogue on Race”