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Pass/Fail Grade Option


Undergraduate students are permitted to request a grade of P/F (pass/fail) for some courses that are normally graded with letter grades (A through F). To make this request, the student must file a Pass/Fail Grade Option form. If the form is approved, a student who earns a grade of A through D in the course will receive a grade of P on the transcript.

While courses graded with a P will count for credit toward the degree, the grade of P will not be computed in the student’s grade point average (GPA). On the other hand, if the instructor submits a final grade of F, the F will appear on the final transcript and it will be computed in the student’s GPA.

Please note that courses taken on a pass/fail basis do not count toward the Gallatin Dean’s List minimum credit requirement of 12 credits in graded courses. Students should read all of the information below to learn about the full pass/fail option policy and procedures.

Who can file a pass/fail request?

Gallatin undergraduate students may file a pass/fail option for certain courses by specified deadlines, as explained below. Gallatin students must file their pass/fail grade option request with Gallatin even if the course is being offered by another school within the University.

Non-Gallatin students taking Gallatin courses should investigate their home school's pass/fail grade option policy.

Which courses are eligible for a pass/fail grade option?

Undergraduate students may file a pass/fail option for most Gallatin courses as well as most courses taken at other schools within the University (including some NYU study abroad classes).

Below is a list of courses that are NOT ELIGIBLE for the pass/fail option. Students must receive a letter grade (A-F) for all of these courses:

  • Courses used to fulfill the Gallatin liberal arts, historical and cultural, and critical race studies requirements (courses taken pass/fail do not count toward the liberal arts core and historical and cultural foundation requirements).
  • The Gallatin First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar, First-Year Writing Seminar, First-Year Research Seminar or the New Student Research Seminar may not be taken for a pass/fail grade.
  • Gallatin travel courses (with the prefix TRAVL-UG, TRAVL-GG, K55 or K95) may not be taken for a pass/fail grade.
  • Language courses taught in fall or spring semesters at NYU sites abroad (Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, TelAviv) may not be taken for a pass/fail grade. (Students are permitted to file a pass/fail option for language courses taught in summer sessions at NYU sites abroad.)
  • The Gallatin Senior Project may not be taken for a pass/fail grade.


  1. Students who have opted to complete a minor may not be able to fulfill the minor requirements with courses graded with a pass (P) grade; students should consult with the department offering the minor for details.
  2. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis do not count toward the Dean’s List minimum credit requirement of 12 credits in graded courses.

When can a student file or revoke a Pass/Fail?

For all Gallatin courses and for most courses offered at the other NYU schools, pass/fail options must be filed or revoked by the deadline specified on the relevant fall, J-term spring, summer or seven-week Gallatin calendar. If another school or department has a special deadline for the pass/fail option, students are expected to follow the school's or department's deadline.

For courses that meet during other sessions (e.g., 3-week or 8-week) please contact the Gallatin Office of Student Services to determine the deadline.

How many times can a student file a Pass/Fail request?

The pass/fail grade option may be used on one course only per full-time academic year, that is once within 32 credits (in addition to any courses that may only be taken pass/fail, such as Private Lessons). Students may only exercise the pass/fail option a total of four times during their academic career.

Pass/Fail Policy Exceptions

Pease read the information on the relevant links below to understand how Pass/Fail Option policy differs for students in these categories from the regular policy listed on this page:

Spring 2020 - All Students

Spring 2022 - Students enrolled at NYU Shanghai




Filing a Pass/Fail Option

  • You do not need your adviser’s approval; however if you are unsure if the pass/fail option is the right for you, it is a good idea to consult with either your academic adviser or Gallatin class adviser.
  • You do not need your instructor’s approval and he or she will not be made aware that you have filed a pass/fail grade option request for the course.
  1. Review the Pass/Fail option Policy above
  2. Complete and submit Pass/Fail Grade Option form by the semester deadline.
  3. Once your request has been processed, you will receive email notification. If your request is approved, a pass/fail notation will appear on your transcript below the course title several weeks after the relevant pass/fail deadline.

Revoking a Pass/Fail Option

Send an email to by the semester deadline.

The deadlines above apply to the standard 14-week session courses only. Please email to determine the deadlines for other sessions (7-week, 3-week, etc.)

For questions or concerns regarding the pass/fail grade option, please contact the Gallatin Office of Student Services.