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Graduate Course Credit for Undergraduates

The policy listed below may not apply to students taking graduate-level courses that count toward Gallatin's Accelerated BA-Master's programs. Students enrolled in a Gallatin Accelerated BA-Master's program should read the policy governing the graduate-level courses that count toward their specific program. Students can link to the policies from the Accelerated BA-Master's programs web page


Some graduate courses at NYU are open to undergraduate students, and students may register for these classes on Albert after receiving adviser approval. For all other graduate courses, students must request permission from both their adviser and the department offering the course before being permitted to register.

Graduate courses count toward the 128 units required for the BA degree, and the grades for these courses will be factored into the final GPA for the BA degree. Students should be aware that courses counting toward the BA degree cannot also be used to count toward a future advanced degree. Undergraduate students who are taking a graduate-level course that is not needed for the BA degree may request to exclude this course from their undergraduate program, which will prevent the course units from counting toward the 128-unit requirement, and will exclude the grade from the semester and final GPA calculation. Requests to exclude graduate-level courses from counting toward the BA program must be made at the time of registration. Graduate-level courses that are excluded from the undergraduate program are available for future evaluation by another degree-granting program. Students can contact Gallatin's Office of Student Services for more information about excluding a graduate-level course from their undergraduate program. (NOTE: Gallatin undergraduate students who are participating in the BA-MA in Bioethics program, must request that graduate-level required Bioethics courses taken during the undergraduate program be excluded from counting toward the BA degree.)

For graduates of Gallatin's BA program, 6 units earned in graduate-level courses may be
applied toward the Gallatin School MA program as transfer credit, providing that the units earned are in excess of those used to meet the requirements for the undergraduate degree. Students must request that their course work be reserved for graduate credit at the time that they register for these courses. The transfer of credit is not automatic, and all courses must adhere to the transfer credit policies of the MA program.