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Maximum Units Per Term, Undergraduate

Students may register for a maximum of 18 units per fall or spring semester, a maximum of 8 units per six-week summer session, and maximum of 4 units in a two- or three-week intensive session (i.e., January or summer). Students may request permission to exceed this load, provided that they have at least a 3.0 GPA, no incomplete or NR grades, and adviser approval. First-year students and students with grades of incomplete and NR from previous semesters will be permitted to exceed the ordinary unit maximum only in rare circumstances. Students enrolling for more than 18 units in fall or spring will be assessed additional tuition charges (see the website of the Office of the Bursar for additional tuition and fee charges).

Students requesting permission to exceed the maximum credits per term require the following in addition their adviser's approval:

  •  A fall/spring credit increase for 19 or 20 units requires a 3.0 GPA and no incomplete or NR grades.
  •  A  fall/spring credit increase for 21 or more units requires a 3.0 GPA, no incomplete or NR grades, and  the submission of a Petition form.
  • A summer or J-term credit increase of any unit value must be approved by Gallatin’s Office of Academic Advising. The student can request approval by filing a Petition form. 


First-year students and students who do not meet the GPA or incomplete/NR grade requirement, must be approved by Gallatin’s Office of Academic Advising to exceed the maximum credit limit in any term. These students can request approval by filing a Petition form.