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Student Records

The Office of the University Registrar maintains all New York University students’ official educational records. The Gallatin School maintains student files that are used by School personnel to review a student’s progress. Gallatin School files are available to the student’s adviser. Both the official educational record and the Gallatin files are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Please visit the Office of the Registrar for information regarding the request of Official Transcripts and the Enrollment and Graduation Verification.

Final Transcripts

Final transcripts are produced by the University Office of the Registrar. It should be noted that once the degree is conferred, the final transcript cannot be altered or amended. For more information about transcripts and how to order an official transcript, students should refer to the Web site of the Office of the University Registrar


The Gallatin Final Transcript

The transcript of students who earn the BA will contain a section called Degrees Awarded. This section will list the name of the degree, the date the degree was conferred, the name of the NYU school, Latin Honors designation (only if applicable to the student), the cumulative GPA, the major (program title), the title of a minor (if completed by the student), the title of the Gallatin colloquium topic (if the student opts to list the title) and the title of the senior project (if completed by a student, along with senior project honors designation if applicable).

Below is an example of how the Degrees Awarded section of a Gallatin BA transcript will look. The sections labeled Honors, Minor, Senior Colloquium Topic and Senior Project will not appear if these items are not applicable to the student. Items in CAPS are individualized by student; all other items are standardized for Gallatin students receiving the BA. 

                    Degrees Awarded

Bachelor of Arts                             (DATE DEGREE CONFERRED)
Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Honors (if applicable): (CUM LAUDE or MAGNA CUM LAUDE or SUMMA CUM LAUDE)
Major: Individualized Major
Minor (if applicable): (MINOR TITLE)
Senior Colloquium Topic (if applicable): (TOPIC TITLE)
Senior Project (if applicable): (SENIOR PROJECT TITLE and HONORS AWARDED (if applicable))


The NYU/Gallatin diploma will list the name of the University, School, degree (i.e., New York University, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Bachelor of Arts) and date of conferral. Students who earn Latin Honors will also see this designation (either Cum Laude or Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude) on the diploma. More information about diplomas is available on the Web site of the Office of the University Registrar