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Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing

After initial fall or spring registration, you may wish to add or drop a course.   You may do so on Albert up until the first two weeks of fall and spring classes. If the change to you program is substantial, you should also have a discussion with your academic adviser. 

Also, before making changes to your schedule, it is important consult the Office of the Bursar and the Office of Financial Aid to investigate the financial impact, if any, from making an adjustment.  After reviewing information on additional charges, the refund policy and your financial aid package you can follow the appropriate procedure.    

Adding Courses

  • Until the last day of the 2nd week off fall and spring classes, you may add a course without obtaining special permission from the instructor using Albert.
  • During the 3rd full week of classes, you may add a course by following the below steps:
  1. Obtain the instructor’s written permission (via email from the instructor's NYU email address or on University stationery/registration form provided by instructor’s department). 
  2. Forward the instructor's permission to Gallatin’s Office of Student Services (1 Washington Place, 8th fl). After Student Services receives the approval, a representative will follow up with you to complete the registration process. 
  3. Check Albert to confirm that the course has been added to your schedule.
  • Adding courses after the 3rd full week of classes is not permitted.


Dropping Courses

  • Until the last day of the 2nd week of fall and spring classes, you may drop a course using Albert.
  • You can no longer drop a course after the 2nd full week of classes.  As of the start of the 3rd week you must follow the procedure for withdrawing from a course.


Withdrawing from Courses

  • Unlike dropping a course, when you withdraw from one, it cannot be removed from your official academic record.  The course will remain on your schedule and recorded with a grade of “W.” Between the start of the 3rd week and the end of the 9th week of classes, you may withdraw from a course by following the below steps: 
  1.  Discuss the change to your schedule with your adviser.
  2.  Submit a class withdrawal request in Albert
  3. Investigate any financial ramifications or impact on your financial aid package. 
  4. Check Albert to confirm that a grade of “W” has been assigned to the course. 
  • Merely ceasing to attend a class or notification to the instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal; you must complete the process in person. 
  • If you must withdraw from courses for medical reasons or other extenuating circumstances, you should seek permission and consideration for withdrawal from the Gallatin Office of Student Affairs (documentation is required).


The deadlines above apply to the standard 14-week session courses only.  Please see Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses to view the deadlines for other sessions (7-week, 3-week, etc.)