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Graduate Registration For Stern

All graduate courses in the Stern School of Business require an access code to register. To obtain an access code, Gallatin must make a reservation with Stern for you; you cannot make the reservation yourself.

Stern will grant permission to register and issue an access code for a Gallatin student to take their courses provided:

  • The course is open
  • The student has received his/her adviser approval to take the course
  • The student has fulfilled all prerequisites
  • The student is not trying to register for more than 6 credits per semester in Stern courses. (Stern does not permit non-Stern students to take more than 6 credits of Stern courses per semester.)
  • The student does not exceed the overall 15 credit maximum for Stern courses

Stern Cross Registration Procedure

                   1) Confirm that you have met the prerequisite requirement 

                   2) Make sure you will not exceed the six unit limit for the term

  • Verify that you have met the prerequisite. You will not be able to register for your course(s) unless you meet the prerequisite requirement. To verify, please indicate on the Stern Cross Registration form that you have completed one of the following:

1) Taken the pre-requisite courses at Stern.
To verify, enter the prerequisite course information directly the Cross Registration form. You can access the course descriptions and prerequisites on Stern’s Registration Website.

2) Earned an Undergraduate Major or Master’s degree in the course subject area.
Documented proof (an unofficial transcript listing the degree) must be attached to the form. The applicable undergraduate/graduate degrees to establish proficiency in a pre-requisite core are listed here.

3) Passed a Stern Proficiency Exam.  To request registration for a Stern Proficiency Exam, have your adviser email his/her approval to Be sure to include your student information.

4) Obtained a USA CPA license, passing USA CPA exam grade, or Chartered Accountant certification. Documented proof must be attached to the form.

  • Register on Albert once you receive the registration codes

1) If your request is approved by Stern, a seat will be reserved for you and Stern will issue access codes to Gallatin Student Services on your behalf. These codes will be forwarded to you via email.

2) If you are not registered on Albert by the end of the registration period, you will be automatically dropped from the class.

What you should know

  • Submitting the Stern Cross Registration form does not guarantee enrollment in a Stern course even if the course is open. Stern Reserves the right to limit enrollment to Stern students in order to meet the demands of these students who are matriculated in a Stern Degree Program.
  • Please be aware that some of Stern's core classes are restricted and even if they are open you will not be permitted to register for them.
  • Stern registration is managed by Stern Administration therefore an instructor will not give students permission to enroll in a particular course. Instead a student interested in a course should consult with Gallatin and we will negotiate with Stern Administration on behalf of the student. Please keep in mind that the possibility of getting into a closed course is extremely low.
  • Stern Graduate School of Business uses a different calendar, than the regular NYU calendar; please review their calendar to avoid academic or financial penalties.

If you have any questions regarding registration for a Stern course, please contact Andrea Buchanan in the Gallatin Office of Student Services at (212) 998-7345 or Thank you.