The Gallatin Interdisciplinary Arts Program distinguishes itself as a hybrid of arts practice and scholarly inquiry. Through a combination of coursework, lectures, exhibitions, and performance opportunities, students are immersed in the liberal arts and in research. Modeled on the artist-scholar philosophy of education, the Program invites students to design concentrations that combine intellectual pursuits and creative work. This a trademark of Gallatin: our students cross borders between different disciplines and learn how to enrich them by bringing them into conversation.

Through tutorials, private lessons, research fellowships, and independent studies, Gallatin students further enhance their academic and creative studies. Students here enjoy the ability to study the arts and to benefit from opportunities for practicing their craft outside the classroom, all within a rigorous liberal arts education that allows various opportunities for collaborative exchange.

Arts Workshops

View upcoming courses on topics such as public art, digital art and new media, and art and activism to name a few.

Research + Scholarship

Learn more about how Gallatin students are empowered to explore their intellectual, creative, and career paths in a variety of ways—and on national and international stages.

Gallatin Arts Festival

A week-long, community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students involving artists, curators, producers, and more each spring.

Gallatin Galleries

Exhibition spaces that serve Gallatin students, alumni, faculty, and the broader community through shows that engage in the conversations taking place in the arts as well as as in the academic, social, and political spheres.

Theater at Gallatin

Includes mainstage production opportunities--learn more here as well about our Summer Theatre Lab, Gallatin Theatre Troupe, and more.

Student Clubs + Organizations

Learn about art and performance-related clubs including New Major Records and the Dancers Choreographers Alliance.

Upcoming Events

See all upcoming events, and even search keywords for past events, in our theater, galleries, lounges, and classrooms.

Global Design NYU

Designed to showcase innovative practices as they relate to visionary architecture, urbanism, and ecological planning.