Dancers at Gallatin

The Gallatin Interdisciplinary Arts Program, modeled on the artist-scholar/scholar-artist philosophy of education, enables students to design programs combining academic and creative work in the arts. The arts curriculum includes more than 20 different workshops each semester in music, dance, theater, the visual arts, architecture and design. Outside of the classroom, students may intern in arts agencies and performance companies and study at various private studios in New York City.  Annually, the arts program sponsors the Gallatin Arts Festival, a week-long, community-wide celebration of the artistry of students at the Gallatin School.  Located at Gallatin, the Gallatin Galleries provide a year-long venue for the exhibition of art work by students, faculty and working artists. The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts is a black box theater showcasing student performances and other productions during the academic year. Gallatin also houses a rehearsal room for dance and other performance and an arts studio for painting, drawing, and architectural design.


Fall 2017 Arts Workshops

Course # Title
ARTS-UG1014 Something to Sing About: Acting in Musical Theatre
ARTS-UG1032 Directing for the Twenty-first Century
ARTS-UG1037 The Open Voice
ARTS-UG1065 Performing Comedy
ARTS-UG1080 Site-Specific Performance: Art, Activism and Public Space
ARTS-UG1107 Body Wisdom: Anatomy through Experience
ARTS-UG1110 The Art of Play
ARTS-UG1211 Making Dance: Space, Place and Technology
ARTS-UG1220 Choreography: A Field Guide for Dance
ARTS-UG1305 Contemporary Music Performance I
ARTS-UG1320 Creating Music, Composing Worlds
ARTS-UG1325 Songwriting
ARTS-UG1340 Beyond Syntax: Exploring Words and Music
ARTS-UG1408 Drawing: Body and Narrative
ARTS-UG1420 Rites of Passage into Contemporary Art Practice
ARTS-UG1445 Walls of Power: Public Art
ARTS-UG1465 Gallatin Creative Laboratory: Art, Media and Politics
ARTS-UG1470 The Public Square: From Concepts--to Models--to Monuments
ARTS-UG1481 Photograph New York at the Water’s Edge
ARTS-UG1490 Sound Art
ARTS-UG1515 Talk to Me: The Art of Storytelling for Audio and Radio in a Global City
ARTS-UG1560 Introduction to Dramatic Writing: The Short Play
ARTS-UG1570 Writing for the Screen I
ARTS-UG1571 Writing for Television I
ARTS-UG1575 Dramatizing History I
ARTS-UG1593 Lyrics on Lockdown
ARTS-UG1602 Guerrilla Filmmaking
ARTS-UG1621 Architectural Design and Drawing
ARTS-UG1632 Environmental Design and Architecture
ARTS-UG1635 Digital Art and New Media
ARTS-UG1647 Making Virtual Sense: 3D Graphics Studio for Critically-Driven Creative Applications
ARTS-UG1649 The Gameplay's the Thing: Story and Game Design
ARTS-UG1655 Innovations in Art Publications