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Interdisciplinary Seminars

A central component of the Gallatin curriculum is a commitment to the study of the history of ideas through significant world texts. Every year, Gallatin offers more than 100 different interdisciplinary seminars in the liberal arts that focus on major issues or themes in—and across—the humanities and arts, social sciences, and sciences. Through interdisciplinary seminars, students encounter a range of important historical periods and fields, and develop a global component to their studies. Gallatin’s expansive notion of the great books distinguishes it from other nontraditional programs as well as from most traditional programs. Interdisciplinary seminars are relatively small (20 to 22 students), emphasizing class discussion and thoughtful writing assignments.

Spring 2019 Interdisciplinary Seminars


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Course # Title Instructor
IDSEM-UG1059 Disease and Civilization Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1072 Poets in Protest: Footsteps to Hip-Hop Michael Dinwiddie
IDSEM-UG1116 Fate and Free Will in the Epic Tradition Antonio Rutigliano
IDSEM-UG1272 Theorizing Politics George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1289 Narrative Investigations II: Realism to Postmodernism Stacy Pies
IDSEM-UG1299 Objectivity and the Politics of the Journalism Revolution Paul Thaler
IDSEM-UG1307 Race, Nation, and Narrative George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1313 Ethics for Dissenters Bill Caspary
IDSEM-UG1324 Baseball as a Road to God John Sexton
IDSEM-UG1342 Language, Globalization, and the Self Maria-Luisa Achino-Loeb
IDSEM-UG1359 American Capitalism in the Twentieth Century Kimberly Phillips-Fein
IDSEM-UG1411 What Was Conceptualism, and Why Won't It Go Away? Eve Meltzer
IDSEM-UG1462 Consuming the Caribbean Millery Polyné
IDSEM-UG1534 The Seen and Unseen in Science Matthew Stanley
IDSEM-UG1562 Reading the Faces of Ancient Cultures Hallie Franks
IDSEM-UG1563 Women’s Text(iles) Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1590 Walter Benjamin: Theory for Gleaners A.B. Huber
IDSEM-UG1624 There and Back Again: Travelers and Traveling through the Middle Ages and Beyond Andrew Romig
IDSEM-UG1627 Green Design from Geddes to Gore Mitchell Joachim
IDSEM-UG1630 Pictures at a Revolution: Film as Political Rhetoric Rahul Hamid
IDSEM-UG1642 Celebrity Culture Moya Luckett
IDSEM-UG1674 The Politics of Food Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1700 Becoming "Global," Forging "Modernity" Valerie Forman
IDSEM-UG1727 Plato's Apology Laura Slatkin
IDSEM-UG1738 The Cultural Politics of Bad Taste Julian Cornell
IDSEM-UG1747 Global Bioethics Allen Keller
IDSEM-UG1748 Ruins, Fragments, and Archives Eugene Vydrin
IDSEM-UG1775 Contemporary Visual Culture and the Politics of Images Lauren Walsh
IDSEM-UG1788 The Sublime Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1800 Writing the Rationale Amy Spellacy
Rosanne Kennedy
IDSEM-UG1807 Dystopian Fictions Anne DeWitt
IDSEM-UG1811 Desperate Housewives of the 19th-Century Novel June Foley
IDSEM-UG1818 Mindfulness and Mysticism Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1823 In with the Old, Out with the New: Debates on "Tradition" in Western Music Kwami Coleman
IDSEM-UG1830 Arab Cinema(s) Sinan Antoon