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Interdisciplinary Seminars

A central component of the Gallatin curriculum is a commitment to the study of the history of ideas through significant world texts. Every year, Gallatin offers more than 100 different interdisciplinary seminars in the liberal arts that focus on major issues or themes in—and across—the humanities and arts, social sciences, and sciences. Through interdisciplinary seminars, students encounter a range of important historical periods and fields, and develop a global component to their studies. Gallatin’s expansive notion of the great books distinguishes it from other nontraditional programs as well as from most traditional programs. Interdisciplinary seminars are relatively small (20 to 22 students), emphasizing class discussion and thoughtful writing assignments.

Fall 2017 Interdisciplinary Seminars


Course # Title Instructor
IDSEM-UG1061 Literary Forms and the Craft of Criticism Sharon Friedman
IDSEM-UG1202 Tragic Visions Bella Mirabella
IDSEM-UG1211 Buddhist and Western Psychology: A Comparative and Historical Approach Lee Robbins
IDSEM-UG1258 Ancient Theatre and Its Influences Laura Slatkin
IDSEM-UG1268 Cultural Politics of Childhood Patrick McCreery
IDSEM-UG1299 Objectivity and the Politics of the Journalism Revolution Paul Thaler
IDSEM-UG1300 Militaries and Militarization Antonio Lauria-Perricelli
IDSEM-UG1357 The Qur'an Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1366 Inventing Modernity II: Realism and Resistance Karen Hornick
IDSEM-UG1381 Creative Democracy: The Pragmatist Tradition Bill Caspary
IDSEM-UG1470 (Re) Imagining Latin America Alejandro Velasco
IDSEM-UG1486 Revolucion Alejandro Velasco
IDSEM-UG1518 Globalization: Promises and Discontents Ritty Lukose
IDSEM-UG1519 Biology and Society Myles Jackson
IDSEM-UG1523 Feminism, Empire and Postcoloniality Marie Cruz Soto
IDSEM-UG1527 Finance for Social Theorists Peter Rajsingh
IDSEM-UG1534 The Seen and Unseen in Science Matthew Stanley
IDSEM-UG1552 Sociology of Religion: Islam and the Modern World Ali Mirsepassi
IDSEM-UG1555 Imagining India: From the Colonial to the Global Ritty Lukose
IDSEM-UG1562 Reading the Faces of Ancient Cultures Hallie Franks
IDSEM-UG1567 The Arabian Nights Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1586 Consumerism in Comparative Perspective Kimberly DaCosta
IDSEM-UG1596 Domesticating the Wild in Children's Literature Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1609 Dante's World Antonio Rutigliano
IDSEM-UG1618 Media and Fashion Moya Luckett
IDSEM-UG1632 "Woman" and the Political Rosanne Kennedy
IDSEM-UG1649 The Music of Poetry and the Poetry of Music Lisa Goldfarb
IDSEM-UG1660 The Concept of Race in Society and History Kimberly DaCosta
IDSEM-UG1675 Popular Dance and American Cultural Identity Julie Malnig
IDSEM-UG1695 Competing Images of the Sage: Confucius and Lao Tzu Ethan Harkness
IDSEM-UG1700 Becoming "Global," Forging "Modernity" Valerie Forman
IDSEM-UG1711 Politics, Writing and the Nobel Prize in Latin America Linn Cary Mehta
IDSEM-UG1714 What is Critique? A.B. Huber
IDSEM-UG1730 Art in Critical Theory Meleko Mokgosi
IDSEM-UG1739 Kinship and Community: Ancient Texts and Modern Theories Bruce King
IDSEM-UG1740 Bridging Culture and Nature: An Introduction to Conservation Science Jim Tolisano
IDSEM-UG1752 This Mediated Life: An Introduction to the Study of Mass Media Julian Cornell
IDSEM-UG1767 Crime in the USA Ngina Chiteji
IDSEM-UG1768 Government and the Economy: What Every Citizen Should Know Ngina Chiteji
IDSEM-UG1786 Trash Matters: Exploring Development, Environment, and Culture through Garbage Rosalind Fredericks
IDSEM-UG1795 Art and Ethics Christopher Trogan
IDSEM-UG1801 Minds and Bodies: A History of Neuroscience Brendan Matz
IDSEM-UG1802 Hearing Difference: The Commercial Music Industry and the American Racial Imaginary Kwami Coleman
IDSEM-UG1805 The Coen Brothers: Failure and the American Dream Rahul Hamid
IDSEM-UG1814 Darwin's Origin of Species Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1815 Malthus and His Legacy Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1816 Proximity and Protest in the 18th-Century Letter and its Afterlives Andrea Gadberry
IDSEM-UG1827 Justice, Tragedy and Philosophy: Politics in Ancient Greece Irene Han
IDSEM-UG1838 Narrating Seduction: The Tale of Genji Nina Cornyetz
IDSEM-UG1839 Freud Eugene Vydrin
IDSEM-UG1849 Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance and Popular Protest Frank Roberts
IDSEM-UG1879 Subversion & Perversion: Queer Critique Elizabeth Heard
IDSEM-UG1884 Accessorizing the Renaissance: Manners, Taste, and Fashion in Early Modern Europe Bella Mirabella
IDSEM-UG1886 Imagining Justice Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1888 Deconstructing the Wall: A Critical Examination of Current Issues in Education Benjamin Brooks
IDSEM-UG1890 Self-Representation in Contemporary Art and Literature Yevgeniya Traps
IDSEM-UG1897 The Business of Art Joshua Shirkey
IDSEM-UG1908 Race and Criminal Law Anthony Thompson
IDSEM-UG1916 Media, Democracy and the New Political Paula Chakravartty
IDSEM-UG1917 Art of the Anthropocene Eugenia Kisin
IDSEM-UG1926 "Third World" Women's Writing Sophia Azeb
IDSEM-UG1928 Theorizing Impasse George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1929 Kings and Kingship in the Ancient Near East Hallie Franks
IDSEM-UG1932 A Walker in the City Meredith Theeman
IDSEM-UG1933 Postcolonial Theory and Visual Culture Jamie Berthe
IDSEM-UG1935 Anatomy of a Postcolonial Bestseller Duncan Yoon
IDSEM-UG1936 Entrepreneurs, Robber Barons, Salesmen and Frauds: The American Business Tradition Kimberly Phillips-Fein
IDSEM-UG1937 Underground Alien Outsider Queer: Black Culture at the Margins Sybil Cooksey
IDSEM-UG1939 Consumer Culture and the Birth of the Department Store Nancy Rubino
IDSEM-UG1940 Law and Political Critique: From Foucault to Tupac Vasuki Nesiah
IDSEM-UG1957 Spaces of Early Modern Science Noam Andrews
IDSEM-UG1960 Dreams: From Genesis to Freud Orna Ophir