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Interdisciplinary Seminars

A central component of the Gallatin curriculum is a commitment to the study of the history of ideas through significant world texts. Every year, Gallatin offers more than 100 different interdisciplinary seminars in the liberal arts that focus on major issues or themes in—and across—the humanities and arts, social sciences, and sciences. Through interdisciplinary seminars, students encounter a range of important historical periods and fields, and develop a global component to their studies. Gallatin’s expansive notion of the great books distinguishes it from other nontraditional programs as well as from most traditional programs. Interdisciplinary seminars are relatively small (20 to 22 students), emphasizing class discussion and thoughtful writing assignments.


Fall 2023

Course # Title Instructor Units
FIRST-UG104 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Literature and the Environment Anne DeWitt 4
FIRST-UG105 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Urban Music, Urban Spaces Kwami Coleman 4
FIRST-UG127 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Use and Abuse of Story Karen Hornick 4
FIRST-UG128 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Data: A History Cameron Bunker 4
FIRST-UG131 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Introduction to Science and Technology Studies Sophia Roosth 4
FIRST-UG134 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Travel and Travel Writing: From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean Subah Dayal 4
FIRST-UG137 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Walking New York Peder Anker 4
FIRST-UG138 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Bananas: An Interdisciplinary Case Study Amy Spellacy 4
FIRST-UG139 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Puppetry and Material Performance Kristin Horton 4
FIRST-UG140 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Work, Freedom and Social Change Jacob Remes 4
FIRST-UG141 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Media and Empire Paula Chakravartty 4
FIRST-UG49 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Self and the Call of the Other Judith Greenberg 4
FIRST-UG69 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Boundaries and Transgressions Marie Cruz Soto 4
FIRST-UG71 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Political Theatre and Performance Valerie Forman 4
FIRST-UG77 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Game of Go and the Art of War in Early China Ethan Harkness 4
FIRST-UG89 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Double, Double Eugene Vydrin 4
FIRST-UG92 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Predicting the Future Matthew Stanley 4
FIRST-UG96 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Idea of Nothing Gregory Erickson 4
IDSEM-UG1193 Culture as Communication Vasu Varadhan 4
IDSEM-UG1211 Buddhist and Western Psychology: A Comparative and Historical Approach Lee Robbins 4
IDSEM-UG1215 Narrative Investigations I Stacy Pies 4
IDSEM-UG1258 Ancient Theatre and Its Influences Laura Slatkin 4
IDSEM-UG1311 Mad Science/Mad Pride Bradley Lewis 4
IDSEM-UG1324 Baseball as a Road to God John Sexton 4
IDSEM-UG1339 Foucault: Biopolitics and the Care of the Self Bradley Lewis 4
IDSEM-UG1381 Creative Democracy: The Pragmatist Tradition William Caspary 4
IDSEM-UG1486 Revolucion Alejandro Velasco 4
IDSEM-UG1493 Sports, Race and Politics Millery Polyné 4
IDSEM-UG1504 Guilty Subjects: Guilt in Literature, Law and Psychoanalysis Sara Murphy 4
IDSEM-UG1516 Understanding the Universe Matthew Stanley 4
IDSEM-UG1523 Feminism, Imperialism, Decolonization Marie Cruz Soto 4
IDSEM-UG1552 Sociology of Religion: Islam and the Modern World Ali Mirsepassi 4
IDSEM-UG1609 Dante's World Antonio Rutigliano 4
IDSEM-UG1618 Media and Fashion Moya Luckett 4
IDSEM-UG1627 Green Design from Geddes to Gore Mitchell Joachim 4
IDSEM-UG1628 Think Big: Global Issues and Ecological Solutions Mitchell Joachim 4
IDSEM-UG1649 The Music of Poetry and the Poetry of Music Lisa Goldfarb 4
IDSEM-UG1711 Politics, Writing and the Nobel Prize in Latin America Linn Cary Mehta 4
IDSEM-UG1729 Ancient and Renaissance Festivity: Its Literary, Dramatic and Social Forms Susanne Wofford 4
IDSEM-UG1740 Bridging Culture and Nature: An Introduction to Conservation Science Jim Tolisano 4
IDSEM-UG1752 This Mediated Life: How Media Narratives Make Us Who We Are Julian Cornell 4
IDSEM-UG1774 Nonviolence in Movements for Social Change Michael Dinwiddie 4
IDSEM-UG1775 Contemporary Visual Culture and the Politics of Images Lauren Walsh 4
IDSEM-UG1795 Art and Ethics Christopher Trogan 4
IDSEM-UG1800 Writing the Rationale and Preparing for the Colloquium Rosalind Fredericks
Millery Polyné
IDSEM-UG1802 Hearing Difference: The Commercial Music Industry and the American Racial Imaginary Kwami Coleman 4
IDSEM-UG1811 Desperate Housewives of the 19th-Century Novel June Foley 4
IDSEM-UG1839 Freud Charles Gelman 4
IDSEM-UG1840 Reading Closely, Reading Historically Gregory Vargo 4
IDSEM-UG1870 Going Baroque: Baroque Theater, from Ambiguity to Hyperbole Simon Fortin 4
IDSEM-UG1872 Impressionism: Myths and Modernism Todd Porterfield 4
IDSEM-UG1885 Literature and/of Human Rights Sara Murphy 4
IDSEM-UG1892 History of Environmental Sciences Peder Anker 4
IDSEM-UG1903 Montaigne Andrea Gadberry 2
IDSEM-UG1904 Descartes Andrea Gadberry 2
IDSEM-UG1961 The Western History of Madness from the Bible to DSM-5 Orna Ophir 4
IDSEM-UG1967 Risky Business: Law, Economics, and Society in the Ancient World David Ratzan 4
IDSEM-UG1978 Television and Participatory Fan Culture Gregory Erickson 2
IDSEM-UG1995 Art's Role in Race, Empire, and Universalism Todd Porterfield 4
IDSEM-UG2003 Architecture as Narrative Alvaro Bonfiglio Bardier 4
IDSEM-UG2004 NYC Coastlines: Past, Present, and Future Karen Holmberg 4
IDSEM-UG2021 Discard Studies: Exploring the Abject, Discarded, and Disposable Rosalind Fredericks 4
IDSEM-UG2024 (De)Tangling the Business of Black Women's Hair Shatima Jones 4
IDSEM-UG2025 Black Experiences in Literature, Movies, and Television Shatima Jones 4
IDSEM-UG2047 Community, Conflict, and Connections: The Indian Ocean Before 1500 Subah Dayal 4
IDSEM-UG2076 The Laughing Animal: Comedy in Classical Antiquity and the Renaissance Leon Grek 4
IDSEM-UG2083 Coming Out Stories Patrick McCreery 4
IDSEM-UG2101 Phenomenology and the Work of Art Audrey Ellis 4
IDSEM-UG2107 All the Rage: Black Feminists on Anger Sybil Cooksey 4
IDSEM-UG2111 History of Biotechnology Sophia Roosth 4
IDSEM-UG2117 Medieval Mediterranean Technologies of 'Magic' Khaled Malas 4
IDSEM-UG2119 The Colonial Invention of Race Duncan Yoon 4
IDSEM-UG2120 The Idea of the City in Premodern Thought Megan Goldman-Petri 4
IDSEM-UG2125 A Tale of Two Caesars Irene Morrison-Moncure 4
IDSEM-UG2137 Persuasion! Hallie Franks
Stephen Duncombe
IDSEM-UG2144 Queer Aesthetics: Our Self-Indulgences, Our Selves J M de Leon 4
IDSEM-UG2145 Queer and Trans Work Michelle O'Brien 4
IDSEM-UG2151 Queens, Saints, and Warriors: Women and/in Power in Christian Ethiopian History David Spielman 4
IDSEM-UG2152 Religion and Power in the Horn of Africa (13th-17th Century) David Spielman 4
IDSEM-UG2162 Dance on Screen: The Lure of the American Film Musical Julie Malnig 2
IDSEM-UG2165 The World the Slaves Made Myisha Priest 2
IDSEM-UG2167 The Geneological Imagination Kimberly DaCosta 4
IDSEM-UG2169 Im/mobilities: Migration, Displacement, and Exile Sam Dinger 4
IDSEM-UG2171 Settler Colonialisms and Black/Indigenous Resistances throughout Abya Yala (the Americas) and Beyond Ashley Agbasoga 4
IDSEM-UG2184 Visualizing the Invisible: Observation and its Discontents in the History of Art and Science Elaine Ayers 4
IDSEM-UG2185 Travel, Trade, and Empire: Scientific Expeditions and the Politics of "Discovery" Elaine Ayers 4
IDSEM-UG2186 Historicizing Humankind Meira Gold 4
IDSEM-UG2190 Environmental Crisis on the Shakespearean Stage Bernadette Myers 4
IDSEM-UG2204 Have You Eaten Yet? Black/Indigenous Foodways Across and Beyond the Americas Ashley Agbasoga 4
IDSEM-UG2206 Philanthropy and Social Difference Victoria Rosner 4
IDSEM-UG2207 What is Experience? Delio Vasquez 4
IDSEM-UG2208 Abolition Lab Valerie Forman 4
IDSEM-UG2209 Spenser, The Faerie Queene Susanne Wofford 4
IDSEM-UG2210 Back to Africa: Restitution of African Heritage Ibrahima Niang 4
IDSEM-UG2211 Where/Who is Home? Trans/Queer Approaches to Domestic(ity) Dilara Caliskan 4
IDSEM-UG2212 Whose Memory? Whose remembrance? Gender and Sexuality in Memory Studies Dilara Caliskan 4
IDSEM-UG2915 What's Democracy Anyways? Alexander Görlach 4
IDSEM-UG2917 The Redistributive State: South Africa's Post-Apartheid Policy Trajectory Raven Brown 4
IDSEM-UG2918 Marxism since Marx: Race, Gender, Class Lisa Daily 4
IDSEM-UG2919 Shipwrecks Jacob Remes 4
IDSEM-UG2920 What Can('t) the Novel Do? Yevgeniya Traps 4
IDSEM-UG2921 Black Geographies Anisa Jackson 4
IDSEM-UG2924 On Entanglement Sara Franklin 4
IDSEM-UG2925 Utopia: From Thomas More to Science Fiction Jenny Mann 4
IDSEM-UG2927 Slavery Happened Here Myisha Priest 2
IDSEM-UG2928 The World the Slaves Made Myisha Priest 2
IDSEM-UG2929 The Visual Journalism and Written Reportage of Violence Lauren Walsh 2
IDSEM-UG2930 Photography through the Lens of Magnum Lauren Walsh 2