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Embedded Internships

Morghan at internship

Students enrolled in select, undergraduate Gallatin courses are eligible to apply for an Embedded Internship. In this program, students are embedded in non-profit organizations that match the topics and learning objectives of the course. The goal of the Embedded Internship program is to give the students the opportunity to learn course material more deeply by connecting specific, academic knowledge with real-world skills and experiences related to their course topics. Gallatin courses and their corresponding embedded internships typically address issues pertaining to social justice, gender, post-colonialism, environmental sustainability, media, and other socially and culturally relevant issues in today's society.  


Policies and Requirements 

Faculty members who include embedded internships in their curriculum generally partner with one or two organizations in New York City. The internships are arranged and coordinated by Gallatin's Internship office. They are competitive internships and limited to two or three students per class. The course instructor, instead of the student's Gallatin adviser, supervises the embedded internships and grades all academic requirements associated with the internship such as reflection essays and the final project. Similarly, all internship forms are submitted to and approved by the course instructor rather than the Gallatin adviser. Embedded Internships are limited to 2 units and students receive a letter grade instead of the usual Pass/Fail.  


In order to register for a credit-bearing Internship, an Internship Proposal must be approved by your course instructor and the Internship Program. The proposal should contain an explanation of your academic and career goals and how they align with the proposed Internship. 


Credit-bearing embedded internships have the following requirements: 



student at internship
Akua Amponsah interning at Toy Records NYC

Embedded Internship Resources 

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