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Your Internship Experience

Through internships, students gain hands on work experience and develop skills and knowledge that may lead to employment. Internships are credit-bearing work experiences in non-classroom environments that enable students to learn experientially at a social institution, cultural organization, community-based organization, or corporation. Internships provide an opportunity for students to explore connections between academic ideas and professional experiences.

Internships are available in a variety of fields, including business, education, film, journalism, legal services, and theater. Successful internships held by students have included:

  • Designing Web pages for an Internet start-up
  • Conducting a survey on housing conditions for a local community organization
  • Writing, editing, and publishing articles for a print magazine
  • Collaborating with designers to create infographics for large companies
  • Assisting with fabric samples and facilitating photo shoots
  • Organizing events and programs for the workplace and managing multiple  social media accounts