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NYU Gallatin City Government Internship Grants

The NYU Gallatin City Government Internship Grant gives Gallatin undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the power and potential of public service by performing project-based activities and meaningful fieldwork on a part-time basis in New York City government agencies.


Raquel Ganino at NYC Parks Dept/City Park Alliance
Raquel Ganino interning at NYC Parks Dept/City Park Alliance.

Raquel Ganino ('21) interning at New York City Department of Parks & Recreation/City Park Alliance. The internship is embedded with Professor Holmberg's course, Radical Ecologies.

Background and Requirements

These competitive city government internships are eligible for up to $3,000 grants to Gallatin undergraduate students on a semester basis. Recipients will be initially selected by Gallatin’s Internship Program Directors, with the final selection determined by the NYC government agency. Gallatin students applying in their junior and senior years, as well those who have not received this grant previously, will be prioritized. Selected interns will work approximately 15 hours per week for a period of 14 weeks during fall and spring semesters, or up to 25 hours of work per week in the summer term for a period of 6-12 weeks.

Recipients of the NYU Gallatin City Government Internship Grant will be required to register for a 2-credit internship course, for which they will produce reflection essays or multi-media projects, progress reports, and a final paper for submission to their course instructor or faculty adviser at NYU Gallatin. Internship supervisors at the NYC government agencies will be asked to approve the student’s learning objectives and provide a performance evaluation at the end of the internship period.

Internship Modalities

Gallatin students will have the option to participate in the NYU Gallatin Government Internship Grant through two different modalities:

  • Some internships will be connected to select Gallatin seminars that address topics connected to the specific field in which the student will intern. In this case, the student will receive academic supervision from the course instructor.
  • Alternately, the student can apply for a specific internship offered by the NYC government agency and identified by Gallatin’s Internship Program. In this insistence, a student would receive academic guidance from their individual faculty adviser.

In both cases, the student will be enrolled in a 2-credit internship and will receive a Pass/Fail grade at the completion of the internship. City Government Internships that are embedded in Gallatin courses will receive a letter (A-F) grade.


Take a listen to past students' experiences with the City Government Internship Grant:


Student Profiles and Skills

Gallatin students interested in public service or civic engagement and are interested in urban planning, housing, voting issues, environmental and educational policy, and urban design are encouraged to apply. Many of the New York City Agencies who have agreed to partner with Gallatin are searching for students with deep interest in social justice and racial equality issues. Students whose work also focuses on media and communication, with a link to social justice are also encouraged to apply.

Gallatin undergraduate students interested in applying to one of the available city government internships should contact the Gallatin Internship Office one month prior to the start of the academic term.