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The Gallatin School is offering two dual-degree programs in collaboration with NYU’s Robert F.Wagner Graduate School of Public Service: (1) the BA-MPA Program in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy (HEGIS code number 4901/2102†) and (2) the BA-MPA Program in Health Policy and Management (HEGIS code number 4901/1202 †). The dual-degree programs are designed for students with a strong commitment to public leadership. Students enrolled in these accelerated programs will have an opportunity to enhance their learning and gain experience in the public-service field while earning both the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Public Administration degrees.

Admission to the dual-degree program is open to Gallatin undergraduate students who have completed 64 units toward the BA degree, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

While enrolled as undergraduates in the Gallatin School, students eligible to enroll in the dual-degree program may complete up to seven of the fifteen courses required for the Wagner MPA degree. These seven courses typically comprise five Wagner core courses and up to two courses chosen from the student’s anticipated area of concentration.

After earning the Bachelor’s degree, students in this program complete the remainder of their MPA credits in generally one to two years of additional study at Wagner. Both degrees could be completed with a total of 152 credits for the BA-MPA. Taken separately, the BA and the MPA must be completed with 173 credits.

Gallatin students participating in the BA-MPA dual degree program are granted the opportunity to participate in graduate coursework before completing the undergraduate degree, but this does not guarantee outright acceptance into the Wagner MPA program. Students who wish to pursue the MPA degree must also complete a regular Wagner MPA Application for Admission during the senior year at Gallatin. All interested dual-degree Gallatin students will be expected to meet the same admissions standards as other Wagner applicants, which include strong academic qualifications and relevant professional experience (i.e., internships, volunteer work, part-time jobs). 

Pursuing a graduate dual degree is an investment in the future and a serious commitment of time and money. All Bachelor’s-Master’s track applicants will be considered for scholarships and funding as part of the graduate application. You can also apply for the Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellows Program in the graduate application—a full-tuition scholarship opportunity.

For more information, please visit the BA-MPA Dual Degree FAQ.