Confluence is an online platform for student writing, art and research at Gallatin. The work is selected from undergraduate print journals (including the Gallatin Review, the Gallatin Research Journal, and the Journal of Global Affairs), exhibits curated in the Gallatin Galleries, visual art and performances produced for the Gallatin Arts Festival, teacher-nominated written and art works generated in courses, and independent projects commissioned by the student editors.


Recent Work on Confluence

"Post-Family Rock" by Evan Neuhausen

"Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band was two hours late. I had booked them for a benefit show I put together with a non-profit I helped run at the time. I stood in the parking lot behind the venue, waiting. Their van rolled up; the members began to file out."

"Spatial Metaphors" by Nadège Giraudet

"As an act of generating a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional world, painting raises questions about transformation and medium...These paintings trace, in oil on canvas, a discovery of this consciousness."

"Malaika" by Wambui Wainaina

"My earliest memories are of garish red and green kitsch Christmas lights, some black faces but more white ones, set against chalk walls and the whiter still sand and unapologetic deep blue of the Indian Ocean, returning relentlessly to it the way we return to each other, in waves. Accompanying this visual is always the sound of 'Malaika.'"

"Everybody's Watching" by Adam Bligh-Hasan

"People wander the streets of New York City, electrons in the metallic veins of a million machines. Where the Manhattan Bridge leads to Brooklyn, you can see the way the islands are connected—the synapses we have created in our collective human mind. Through the air fly billions of ideas, the ones and zeros of wireless internet."

"Mapping Herodotus" by Sofia Kapur

"Maps and their textual counterparts are complex documents, fraught with information from the most basic geographical facts to complex political and cultural details."



Confluence was created and is administered by the Writing Program. All correspondence should be directed to Allyson Paty, Writing Program Assistant Director.