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Writing Center Appointments

How to Use the Writing Center

In the Writing Center, upper-level Gallatin students are employed as Peer Writing Assistants (PWAs), trained to help other students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming about a subject, to clarifying a thesis, to organizing the structure of an essay.

In 2022-2023, the Writing Center will be offering most appointments in person at Gallatin, and some appointments online, over Zoom. To book an appointment with a PWA, select your desired time and leave a brief description of what you would like to work on. You must be logged into your NYU Gmail account to make an appointment. Appointments will take place as one-on-one meetings. Those indicated as "In Person" will take place as 50-minute meetings at 1 Washington Place, room 423. Those indicated as "Virtual" will take place as one-hour meetings over Zoom. Note that Google Calendar displays only available appointments and displays all events in the user's local time zone.

To those canceling an appointment: Please do so at least 24 hours in advance, if at all possible, so another student can take your place.

To those seeking an appointment when none are available: Please keep an eye on the calendar. Though students are encouraged to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, some last-minute cancellations are inevitable.  

**The Gallatin Writing Center welcomes all Gallatin students and students taking Gallatin courses. For those who are neither Gallatin students nor enrolled in a Gallatin course, please contact the NYU Writing Center.**

Questions? Email Meredith Wade, Writing Program Graduate Assistant.


Meet Gallatin’s 2022-2023 Peer Writing Assistants!

Peer Writing Assistant Lauren Balser smiles in front of a white background

Lauren Balser (BA ’24)

Hi! I’m a junior at Gallatin concentrating in digital sociology and minoring in media, culture, and communication. I can help you out with any writing you’re working on; I’d be excited to help you out with anything relating to the social sciences, sociological theory, technology and society, (new) media studies, and literary criticism.


Peer Writing Assistant Ruby Barron

Ruby Barron (BA ’25)

Hello! I’m a sophomore at Gallatin studying literature, creative writing, and global religious history. I also enjoy social sciences, particularly anthropology and psychology. As a peer tutor, I can help with all kinds of essays and creative writing, but my expertise is in humanities and prose fiction.


Peer Writing Assistant Jerry Morales smiles in Times Square

Jerry Morales Farfan (BA ’23)

Hi! I'm a senior at Gallatin with a concentration in pop culture criticism and psychology. As my concentration implies, I'm a music, film, and TV connoisseur. I personally like working on creative nonfiction pieces such as personal essays and cultural criticism. However, narrative-based fiction pieces and academic essays are also pretty fun to work with.


Peer Writing Assistant Cooper Parson poses in a colorful suit

Cooper Parson (BA ’24)

Hello, I’m a junior at Gallatin studying financial balances and risk management. However, I promise I am not as boring as that concentration sounds. I love music, all things entertainment, fashion, and anything that involves the arts! The sort of writing I enjoy working on the most would probably be creative pieces, essays, satire/comedy, etc. I love any writing that gives you the opportunity to use a strong voice and make the reader laugh.


Peer Writing Assistant Ari Peritz-Means smiles in front of a colorful bookshelf

Ari Peritz-Means (BA ’25)

Hi, my name is Ariel Peritz-Means, and I am a second year student at Gallatin. My concentration is law, literature, and philosophy and I am a philosophy minor. I am particularly interested in immanent critique, which is the left Hegelian/neo-Marxist tract in critical theory. I am also interested in constitutional law and jurisprudence, and I can help with literary analysis.


A Note on What to Expect at the Writing Center

At the Writing Center we can help you…

  • Articulate ideas, pose compelling questions, and structure a clear paper.
  • Work within the parameters of a particular assignment. For example, we can look over your paper with "fresh eyes" to see if your writing conveys what you want it to.
  • Address grammar and usage, in the service of helping you articulate ideas within your piece overall.   

We don't…

  • Quickly "fix" papers.
  • Proofread, though we are happy to provide additional resources and tips for proofreading.

Additional information…

  • Bring a printed copy (preferably two) of your writing.
  • Bring the assignment or prompt from your professor so that we can more accurately guide you.
  • Be on time for your appointment. Unfortunately when students are late, the appointment still ends at the scheduled time. Students are welcome to sign up for an appointment at a later date for additional help.
  • Walk-ins are welcome. However, please be aware that our appointments fill up quickly and we cannot guarantee a PWA will be available, or, if they are available, how much time they will have to meet with you. The best way to ensure a spot for a full hour is to make an appointment. Same-day appointments are allowed.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so online to free up space for other students. If in the event the Writing Center must close during a time you have a scheduled appointment, you will receive an email and request to reschedule.
  • The Gallatin Writing Center welcomes all Gallatin students and students taking Gallatin courses. For those who are neither Gallatin students nor enrolled in a Gallatin course, please contact the NYU Writing Center