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Writing Courses

With more than thirty writing courses each semester, Gallatin students have the opportunity to engage in diverse genres and writing practices.

First-Year Writing and Research Seminars use writing to explore a particular theme while helping students to develop their critical writing skills. Recent examples include “Philosophical Approaches to Identity," "Intellectual History of Capitalism," and "Introduction to Trans Studies."

After taking the foundation courses, Gallatin students may choose from a rich variety of Advanced Writing Courses including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, comedy-writing, and documentary-writing, as well inter-genre, theme-based writing courses.

Spring 2023 First-Year Research Seminars

Course # Title Instructor
FIRST-UG703 First-Year Research Seminar: Truth or Fiction? Memory and Storytelling Judith Greenberg
FIRST-UG709 First-Year Research Seminar: Language and the Political Andrew Libby
FIRST-UG717 First-Year Research Seminar: Literature and the Idea of Justice Sara Murphy
FIRST-UG740 First-Year Research Seminar: The Cold War: What Was It and Why Does It Matter? Hannah Gurman
FIRST-UG770 First-Year Research Seminar: The Politics of Work Rosanne Kennedy
FIRST-UG778 First-Year Research Seminar: Shadow Cities: Literary Alterity and Urban Underworlds Adrian Versteegh
FIRST-UG783 First-Year Research Seminar: Money and the Muse: Culture, Creativity, and Capital Trevor Jockims
FIRST-UG791 First-Year Research Seminar: Autoethnography Eugenia Kisin
FIRST-UG815 First-Year Research Seminar: Science Fiction and the Other Anne DeWitt
FIRST-UG821 First-Year Research Seminar: Microhistory and the Uniqueness of the Individual Instance Andrew Romig
FIRST-UG828 First-Year Research Seminar: Black Experiences in Literature, Movies, and Television Shatima Jones Jerolmack
FIRST-UG831 First-Year Research Seminar: Feminist Cultures of the US, 1960s- Present Elizabeth Benninger
FIRST-UG836 First-Year Research Seminar: The Supreme Court in American Life Jude Webre
FIRST-UG837 First-Year Research Seminar: Space, Place, and the Body: From Gentrification to Climate Justice Velina Manolova
FIRST-UG838 First-Year Research Seminar: Introduction to Trans Studies Kay Gabriel
FIRST-UG840 First-Year Research Seminar: Philosophical Approaches to Identity David Wills
FIRST-UG841 First-Year Research Seminar: The Art of Doing Nothing Michael Krimper
FIRST-UG842 First-Year Research Seminar: Western Materialism Erag Ramizi
FIRST-UG843 First-Year Research Seminar: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Patricia Kim
FIRST-UG844 First-Year Research Seminar: Intellectual History of Capitalism Puneet Bhasin
FIRST-UG845 First-Year Research Seminar: Africa, China, Globalization Duncan Yoon

Spring 2023 Advanced Writing Courses

Course # Title Instructor
IDSEM-UG2024 (De)Tangling the Business of Black Women's Hair(De)Tangling the Business of Black Women's Hair Shatima Jones
IDSEM-UG2202 Human Rights of Minorities and Indigenous PeoplesHuman Rights of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Jamil Dakwar
INDIV-UG9151 BUENOS AIRES: Great World TextsBUENOS AIRES: Great World Texts
SASEM-UG9150 BUENOS AIRES: Tango and Mass CultureBUENOS AIRES: Tango and Mass Culture
SASEM-UG9550 TEL AVIV: Ancient Israel History and ArchaeologyTEL AVIV: Ancient Israel History and Archaeology
WRTNG-UG1026 Lives in Brief Christopher Bram
WRTNG-UG1039 Writing About Popular Music Amanda Petrusich
WRTNG-UG1043 Cultural Critics on Looking and Living Benjamin Ratliff
WRTNG-UG1048 The Age of Listening Benjamin Ratliff
WRTNG-UG1355 Writing for Children: Magic, Memoir, and Mystery Lizzie Skurnick
WRTNG-UG1365 Reading & Writing LGBT YA Fiction: From Annie on My Mind to They Both Die in the End Molly Horan
WRTNG-UG1475 Law and War Chase Madar
WRTNG-UG1507 Writing About American Comedy Saul Austerlitz
WRTNG-UG1512 Advanced Television: Writing the Comedy Pilot D.B. Gilles
WRTNG-UG1523 Story Sense Chris Spain
WRTNG-UG1529 Writing the Portrait: Depicting Artists in Fiction Vanessa Manko
WRTNG-UG1531 Writing the Visual Allyson Paty
WRTNG-UG1536 The Short Story: A Workshop on Revising Carol Zoref
WRTNG-UG1546 Content is Key: Editing Short Fiction Steven Rinehart
WRTNG-UG1550 Fiction Writing Bret Gladstone
WRTNG-UG1559 Writing a Scene Lara Vapnyar
WRTNG-UG1560 The Art and Craft of Poetry Scott Hightower
WRTNG-UG1561 Poetry Writing Sally Wen Mao