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Graduate Assistant - STAC

Science, Technology, Arts, and Creativity

NYU Gallatin seeks a Graduate Assistant to work an average of 20 hours per week during the academic year to carry out professional, administrative and planning responsibilities central to fostering student, faculty, and alumni work and community at the intersection of science, humanities, technology, engineering, arts, and math as part of the Gallatin STAC program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Advise and facilitate Gallatin student and alumni engagement around science, technology, arts, and humanities.
  • Help design, develop and implement new programming, and support existing programming.
  • Advise and support faculty and staff in integrating STEAM concepts and practices into events and courses as needed.
  • Plan, coordinate and teach regular hands-on workshops, including recruiting facilitators for workshops and teaching workshops in your own area of expertise. Examples include sewing, robotics, computer-assisted-design, 3D printing, VR production, cardboard crafting, knitting, and game prototyping.
  • Help manage STAC 746: Gallatin’s creativity space: a physical location, philosophy, and mobile lab that students can utilize to build, dismantle, make and share.
  • Assist with marketing, communications and online presence of STAC, including our social media.


The successful candidate must be a self-starter with a strong interest in working with students and faculty members and developing alternative educational programs; strong communication and organizational skills; the ability to interact with undergraduates and graduate student peers; and the ability to manage a wide range of duties and assignments within the 20-hour/week work schedule. This position requires expertise across the STEM/humanities/art boundary, and the successful candidate must possess some technological or scientific proficiency (such as training in a traditional science or technology discipline, professional experience in technological or digital work, film or graphic design, etc) in addition to interest in the humanities or the arts. A successful candidate brings together the arts/humanities and a scientific or technical field in their own practice or in their Gallatin academic work.

Work Schedule

An average of 20 hours per week for 30 weeks during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). Some evenings and weekends may be required.


The Gallatin Graduate Assistantship stipend will be $24,525 for the 2023-2024 academic year.  In addition to the stipend, GAships also include tuition remission for the 40-credit degree requirement (12 credits per semester for fall and spring in year one; and 12 credits fall and 4 credits spring in year two) plus student health benefits. Since GAs receive tuition remission, they are not eligible for additional scholarship aid from Gallatin or NYU. Please note that GA positions are covered under the Local 2110 NYU graduate student collective bargaining agreement. Union dues (or applicable agency fees in lieu of dues) may apply.