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Statement of Purpose Instructions

You are required to submit a Statement of Purpose describing the educational goals that you would like to accomplish through the MA program. The Admissions Committee gives great weight to this essay in evaluating the soundness, feasibility, and focus of your program at Gallatin and to gauge your preparation for the proposed course of study.

Before writing the statement, you should research the other NYU departments and schools in which you plan to take courses. A good way to learn more about course offerings throughout NYU is to use the website of the Office of the University Registrar in tandem with each school’s website. You can go to the registrar’s website and select ‘Public Course Search’ to find specific course offerings in each NYU graduate school. Be sure to narrow your search by selecting ‘Graduate’ under the ‘Academic Career’ tab on the registrar’s website. You can then visit the websites of individual schools for more information and course descriptions.

There are three parts to the Statement of Purpose

Your Concentration (approximately 800 words)
At Gallatin, each student develops an individualized concentration, a program of study organized around a coherent theme or set of questions and drawing on a variety of academic disciplines and professional fields. In this essay, please describe the concentration you hope to pursue. Tell us about such things as the kinds of knowledge and skills you would like to master, the themes and questions that would drive your work, and the disciplines and fields you would integrate into a focused curriculum. You may include how your academic interests relate to your professional and personal goals. If your concentration involves developing professional or artistic skills, tell us about the intellectual questions that would provide context and meaning to those skills. Finally, explain why you have chosen to pursue your graduate work through Gallatin’s individualized study program rather than through other types of programs in your areas of inquiry.

Your Qualifications (approximately 300 words)
In this section, discuss any academic, professional, or personal experiences that have prepared you for graduate work in this concentration. Expand on your transcript and your resume: flesh them out and add other items in a way that explains your qualifications for undertaking the proposed program of study.Your plan.

Your Plan
Please include a tentative list of specific courses that might constitute your program. To help you compose your list, please visit Albert, the NYU registration system, and select “Public Course Search” from the available options. You may also find information on the websites of the various NYU graduate schools. Your course selections must be in the form of a list and include the name of the NYU school and department, the course title, and the course number (e.g., Steinhardt School, Department of Art Education, Issues in Pedagogy, ARTED-GE 227). Please keep in mind that departments often alter their course offerings and that some of your choices might not be available. Note: Your list should include only graduate courses. If you might want to do independent studies and/or internships, list them as well. If there are particular faculty members with whom you would like to study at Gallatin or elsewhere at NYU, you may mention them here. This section of the application enables us to understand your concentration more clearly.