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Undergraduate Readmission

Applying for Readmission

Any former student who has been out of attendance for more than two consecutive terms who wishes to return to the Gallatin School and who has not attended another college or university since their last attendance at Gallatin must apply for readmission.

Applications for readmission are available online at the undergraduate admissions website under "Returning to NYU."

The readmission application deadlines are August 1 for the fall term, December 1 for the spring term, and April 1 for the summer term.

Students who have attended another college or university since their last attendance at New York University should not apply for readmission; rather, they must complete the transfer application for undergraduate admission online, submit an official transcript and pay the required application fee. More information can be found on the Transfer Applicants page.

Students Who Are Readmitted

Students who have been readmitted may neither register to maintain matriculation nor request a leave of absence during their first semester back at Gallatin.

The only exception to this policy is the readmitted student who has completed all requirements for the degree except the senior colloquium; this student must register to maintain matriculation during the semester in which he or she will complete the senior colloquium. Students in this exceptional category should do all of the following in the same semester:

  • apply for readmission
  • maintain matriculation
  • complete the senior colloquium

Students who are not ready to complete the colloquium in the semester of readmission, should not register to maintain matriculation. Rather, they should wait until they are prepared for the colloquium and reapply for readmission at that time. All prior grades on a readmitted student’s transcript are considered final. Gallatin policy stipulates that once a final grade has been submitted by the instructor and recorded on the transcript, the final grade cannot be changed, except in cases of a grading error. Please review Gallatin’s website for more information about Gallatin’s grading policy.