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GUIDE Scholars

Jade Brown- Godfrey

Jade Brown- Godfrey (BA '24) (she/her)

Concentration: Plant Science and Social Justice

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Jade is a proud member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. After a pause in her career due to the pandemic, she began studying Science at BMCC as a non-traditional student. At Gallatin she intends to further study how we can become independent from oppressive systems through our connection to the land in our own neighborhoods as well as explore how herbalism, urban gardening, and fungal biology can be portals to liberation. Jade is also interested in the deinstitutionalization of knowledge, ecofeminism, and philosophy of science. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, running, and spending time with her family.


Renzo Esposito

Renzo Esposito (BA ‘25) (He/Him)

Filmmaking for Diversity and Social Transformation

Renzo, originally from Argentina, immigrated to the US in 2019 to pursue his dream of directing and producing films. Since he was 13, he has been involved in audiovisual projects, with a special focus on challenging narratives and helping marginalized and underrepresented people spread their voices. During his studies at BMCC, he directed and edited “Talk Louder” a documentary on Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein, exploring discrimination's parallels and the power of speaking out. The film won three festivals, garnered six nominations, and educated countless viewers about enduring bigotry. During the next 2 years at Gallatin, he intends to increase his technical skills in filmmaking and further study the power of collective action in marginalized communities as well as how filmmaking and storytelling can bring about positive change and challenge the status quo.


Hollie Fitzhenry

Hollie Fitzhenry (BA '24) (she/her)

Concentration: Deconstructing Ableism and Politics of Care 

Originally from New Orleans, Hollie moved to NYC 9 years ago with hopes of expanding her life experiences and reaching a deeper understanding of the world around us. Graduating from BMCC with an A.A. in sociology, she discovered her passion for questioning oppressive societal structures. As a student at Gallatin, she intends to pursue studies in patient advocacy with a focus on facilitating care for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. An accomplished bartender working at some of New York’s most celebrated bars and restaurants, Hollie has advocated for the rights of service workers while exploring the rich culinary culture of the city.



Mayan Hein

Mayan Hein (BA '24) (she/her)

Concentration: The Neuroscience of Storytelling

Mayan Alena Hein was born to a German mother and an American father in a small village just on the outskirts of Frankfurt, where she grew up surrounded by nature and animals. A traveler at heart, she left Germany to explore the world and live in places like England, Spain, the Chinese Mountains before finally settling in New York City. As a Pre-Med student, she is passionate about becoming a pediatric surgeon. She hopes to one day work for Medicins Sans Frontiers. During the next 2 years at Gallatin she hopes to explore the human mind in relation to the acquisition of language. In her opinion there is so much wisdom in the precious legacy of language and thus literature, which nourishes us and makes an indispensable contribution to our humanity by articulating a complex view of human sentiments and contradictions. Becoming part of the GUIDE program is a dream come true for Mayan. She is excited to use the tools she will learn here to make the most of her future career in medicine.


Carlene Hunte-Nelson

Carlene Hunte-Nelson (BA ‘25) (she/her)

Concentration: Conceiving a Neo Caribbean Society. Politics, Policy and the Caribbean

A native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Carlene immigrated to NYC 15 years ago. Attending BMCC as a nontraditional student majoring in Entrepreneurship, she contributed to the school community as a supplementary instructor, student mentor, and advocated for students as President of the Student Government. During her final year at BMCC, Carlene apprenticed full-time in Prime Finance Equity Swaps at JPMorgan Chase, and was inducted into the New Leadership New York 2023 cohort through the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society. Currently, she is the Policy Intern with the Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development and Workforce at City Hall. At Gallatin, Carlene’s concentration focuses on awakening progressive female leadership throughout the Caribbean in entrepreneurship and government. As a GUIDE Scholar, Carlene hopes to take her first steps towards creating a research center focused on human rights and economic sustainability issues confronting Caribbean nations.


Lex Jacquet

Lex Jacquet (BA '24) (she/her)

Concentration: Politics of Representation: Deconstructing the Black Female Identity

Originally from New Orleans, Lex is a mixed-media artist who explores the cultural construction of identity through her own personal history. Throughout her life, she has been intrigued by the cultural dynamics between race, class, and sexuality and how popular culture’s portrayal of Black women affects their existence, especially poor and low-income individuals. She has graduated from BMCC with a degree in Digital Marketing, and looks forward to integrating her interests in visual arts, mass media communication, and storytelling. Her concentration examines visual culture’s influence on our perception of reality by analyzing the power of narratives in constructing our sense of belonging.


Jessica (Jaime) Quinones

Jessica (Jaime) Quinones (BA ‘25) 

Concentration: Education/Critical Race Theory

Jessica (Jaime) was born into a proud Puerto Rican family and raised in the South Bronx.  During her employment at a public school, she began to notice racial disparities in achievement and how the quality of education differed between her private school experience and that of her work. She felt that to change the world she first had to change herself. As a non-traditional student Jessica graduated from BMCC as a Childhood Education major, with honors. Now, as a GUIDE Scholar, Jessica hopes to deepen her understanding of social justice issues that pertain to education such as issues of race, gender, and economic status, and use this understanding to create a school where educational equality will become reality. Jessica also hopes to apply what she has learned to her work as a program assistant in Bronxworks After-school Program,  making a difference one stage at a time.


Marisabel Rosario

Marisabel Rosario

Marisabel Rosario is a Bronx native and the daughter of Dominican migrants. As a child growing up in the South Bronx she was exposed to many injustices. Too often she observed single mothers struggling, witnessed the effects of drug addiction, poverty, crime, discrimination, and acts of misogyny. Because of these observations, she has made it a priority as an adult to use her spare time voting, signing petitions, donating to the ACLU, and volunteering at SAGEconnect, an elderly LGBTQ+ phone buddy program. However, it is the various experiences in her childhood that fueled Marisabel with the desire to make a difference in the world. She plans to achieve this goal through the GUIDE Program, with the intention to further expand her knowledge by collaborating with peers and professionals in her field of study. Today, she is a Gender and Women’s studies major at BMCC, working towards a career that will land her in a position to fight for minorities like herself.


Davina Stewart

Davina Stewart (BA '24) (she/her)

Concentration: Deconstructing and Decolonizing the Mind

As the proud daughter of a Puerto Rican single mother, Davina lived in several corners of the country before settling in New York City. She’s a non-traditional student with many years of life experience and has witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of the war on drugs and the nation’s criminal justice system. In the midst of the global pandemic, Davina returned to school to pursue a degree in psychology at BMCC. She’s passionate about helping those who have been affected by the systemic fractures in our society and found a home at Project Impact as a peer mentor, supporting justice-impacted students on their academic journeys. While at Gallatin, Davina plans on exploring the roots of our many societal fractures and how they intersect with the varying fragmentations of the human mind at large. With unending curiosity, she looks forward to expanding her worldview and building community at Gallatin.


Kadesh Stewart

Kadesh Stewart (BA '23) (he/him)

Concentration: Powerful Technologies

As a first-generation American of Trinidadian immigrants, Kadesh became interested in computers early due to his brothers' admiration of video games. Kadesh later went on to study computer science at the BMCC, expanding his interests into the pervasiveness of digital technology at large. At Gallatin, Kadesh’s concentration, “Powerful Technologies,” situates the creation and use of technology historically and contextually and is interested in its role in the maintenance of power. More specifically, Kadesh examines technology as a conduit to advocacy, especially as the Internet is moving into its third phase: Web 3.0. This interest considers artificial intelligence (AI) and other systems, but does not solely focus on them.


Danny Torres

Danny Torres (BA '23) (they/them)

Concentration: The Relationship Between the Latinx and LGBT Communities

Danny is a proud Xicanx with a love of languages and its usage, born from a childhood of reading. Fluent in Spanish and English, they are studying Portuguese with plans to learn indigenous languages such as Nahuatl.

BMCC brought to light their passion and focus in social justice, specifically the relationship between the LGBT and Latinx communities, and more importantly, how to build a bridge between them. They will be able to delve deep into their studies as a GUIDE Scholar at Gallatin by viewing these communities separately and in intersecting ways with a focus on history, religion, and society, while also making the effort to respectfully keep context in mind. In their time as a non-traditional student, they have come to love higher education and plan to have a career as a professor with the aspiration of creating a space that inspires learning and activism, also centering on compassion.


Chioma Ukatu

Chioma Ukatu (BA ‘25) (She/Her)

Concentration: The Mistreatment of Black Bodies from a Legal Standpoint

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Chioma is first-generation Nigerian-American with a strong passion for social reform. She is interested in exploring different rectifications for the medical mistreatment of Black women, having had her own anecdotal experiences. At Gallatin, Chioma hopes to broaden her skill set to ethically pursue her passions while also discussing particular aspects of social justice in an academic environment. Her objective is to understand why the inequalities within society exist and dissect the root of these problems. By thoroughly assessing the issues transpiring throughout society (the why, when, and how), she aims to encourage and facilitate lasting social change in her ultimate career as an attorney.