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Gallatin Alumni

At Gallatin, we view the time spent as a student as only the beginning of a lifelong affiliation that provides mutually beneficial rewards. We encourage you to stay in touch and take advantage of all of the Gallatin and NYU resources available to you:

  • Participate in events at the School and in NYC
  • Connect with Gallatin grads in your region
  • Join the Gallatin LinkedIn Group
  • Create a profile to join NYU Violet Network
  • Become a mentor or career contact
  • Sign up for the NYU Alumni Card and Alumni Benefits
  • Access the Wasserman Center for Career Development and NYU Handshake (formerly NYU Career Net)

We would love to hear about your successes and keep you in the loop about your fellow alums! Let us know about your accomplishments, news, and updates here.

For all transcript and academic records requests, please contact the NYU Registrar's Office at (212) 998-4800 or email The Regisrar's Office also has an Online Contact Form.

For information on past Gallatin courses or professors, please contact Gallatin Student Services at (212) 998-7378 or email

And feel free to contact Gallatin Alumni Relations with general inquiries at

Gallatin Recent Alumni Council

"Gallatin Recent Alumni Council"

The Gallatin Recent Alumni Council (RAC) is a group for BA alumni of the past ten years and MA alumni of the past five years. Traditionally located in New York City, the RAC has recently expanded its membership regionally across the United States and around the globe. If you are interested in joining the RAC, please email


Alumni Working Groups

"Alumni Working Groups"

Gallatin’s Recent Alumni Council (RAC) hosts a variety of Alumni Working Groups in diverse areas of interest. Whether you are a novice seeking to learn more or an expert in the field, all Gallatin alumni are welcome to join an Alumni Working Group.

These groups are designed to provide Gallatin alumni an opportunity to connect with fellow graduates, share knowledge and resources, collaborate on projects, and engage with Gallatin students. Areas of interest are interdisciplinary and broadly interpreted in order to emulate the ethos of Gallatin:

  • Alumni Working Group in Health & Science
  • Alumni Working Group in Politics & Advocacy
  • Alumni Working Group in Sustainability
  • Alumni Working Group in Technology

If you are interested in joining the leadership of a specific Alumni Working Group, please email