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Drew Elovitz MA ’11


Gallatin is synonymous with . . .
Adventure! Anything is possible (with a plan, of course) when the resources of NYC are at your fingertips.

What do you wish people knew about Gallatin?
Gallatin grads are an elite group of creative thinkers and dedicated doers. The application process itself is challenging and then you have to design an approved curriculum, which requires some serious commitment and drive. That’s way before completing a capstone or thesis. However, I have a feeling that as more Gallatinos permeate various industries, the alumni network will be strong and awareness will spread. When looking to hire, I’m always excited to see Gallatin on a resume, because it gives me a good idea about the candidate’s work ethic before we even meet.

What was your favorite course here?
I can't choose just one favorite course from my time at Gallatin, so here are the top three: “Adaptations as Screenplays,” “A Cultural History of Television,” and “Youth and Media Cultures.” Each challenged me to think differently about entertainment as a medium—both as a creator and consumer—and also empowered me to use my understanding of the past to inform my methods of storytelling today on digital and social media platforms.

What do you miss about the School?
Is it weird to say I miss writing my thesis? I got to read and watch and analyze so many incredible works which helped to develop my writing style and voice as a pop culture critic—I wish I had the time to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to pursuing a single passion.

Drew Elovitz is a Folio’ 30 Under 30 (2015) and AdWeek’s Hottest Magazine on Social Media (Teen Vogue, 2013) award-winning social media strategist currently serving as the senior social media editor at Entertainment Weekly. She keeps ahead of trends in the digital, entertainment, and cultural space by reading (almost) the entire Internet on a daily basis and regularly collaborates with top talent on exciting social media stunts tied to the latest releases in movies, television, music, and more. Prior to joining Entertainment Weekly, Drew was the social media director at Teen Vogue and got her start at a digital agency where she created social-first content for brands including Mattel’s Monster High and Barbie. She holds a MA from Gallatin and a BA in American studies, history, film studies, and gender studies from Brandeis University. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DrewBlahBlah.

[Photo credit: Leslie Kirchoff]