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Logo Style Guide

The Gallatin logo is the central visual element in our School's identity. This page is meant for internal community usage and for those who have the expressed consent of the Gallatin Communications Office. The University has also created a full identity website with creative briefs and design, language, and style guides. To ask questions about logo usage and to get approvals for any new designs that use the Gallatin logo, please email

The Gallatin Logos

There are two forms of the logo. Both include the institutional mark (torch in the box) with the NYU type aligned with the School name, separated by a thin rule.

The first version, or short logo, uses the short-hand name most commonly referred to by students, faculty, and staff when referencing the School.

The second version, or formal long logo, includes the full name of the School and is best used in instances when additional descriptive information will add value to the commmunications. The second version also comes stacked (not shown below), which is mostly used in tighter spaces such as the mailing panel.

Short Logo


Long Logo


Logo Guide

To maintain a clear visual identity, please follow the below guidelines when using the Gallatin logo. Do not change or alter the logo in any way. The size and placement of the logo should be used in a professional manner; the logo should not be the most dominant image on the page. Use top/bottom, left/right positioning to create hierarchy or organizational structure. If you have any questions, please contact

  • Do not use the logo over a busy background image.
  • Do not use the color or black logo on dark backgrounds where there isn't enough contrast to stand out.
  • Do not use the white logo over light backgrounds.



Presentation Templates



Sample Stationary

Official materials such as business cards and letterhead can be purchased through NYU iBuy. For Word versions of letterhead and other questions, please send requests to