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A 3-D Art Book Makes Art Out of the History of Ideas

Two Gallatin Sophomores Reimagine Reality

Oct 17, 2014

White Rabbit

Sophie Epstein (BA ’17) and Emily Jampel (BA ’17) have teamed up to produce White Rabbit, an interactive 3-D art book which was inspired by the interdisciplinary seminar The Social Construction of Reality, a course taught by Professor Stephen Duncombe. In the course, the Gallatin sophomores read everything from Plato to Nietzsche to Judith Butler, and when it finished, they wanted to make something tangible, personal, and creative out of the intellectual material they had encountered.

The duo solicited work from over 30 young artists from leading art schools including NYU, Parsons, Eugene Lang, the School for the Visual Arts, and the Rhode Island School of Design, asking them to create works that responded to passages from classic works of literature, philosophy, and theory. The topics ranged from feminism to technology to the idea of America, and the various formats reflect the work of artists who are as comfortable with social media as they are with paint and a paintbrush. Epstein and Jampel settled on the name for the project since the white rabbit is, according to Epstein, “a symbol that represents a kind of guide.”

“An intellectually stimulating environment like Gallatin, where we are constantly exposed to new ideas that inspire us to create meaningful work, is the perfect place for something like White Rabbit,” said Epstein. “We are given the liberty and resources to learn about and create anything we want, and we really want to make the most of it while we’re here.”

The project was initially supported by the Gallatin Student Resource Fund. Epstein and Jampel  created a campaign on the crowd funding site Indiegogo to fund White Rabbit's book launch and corresponding art show, both of which are slated for the spring of 2015.