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The End(s) of (In)Equality: France and the USA

Visions of Equality Explored at NYU Paris

Jul 1, 2015

American and French Flags

Three Gallatin faculty members—Ritty Lukose, Vasuki Nesiah, and George Shulman—gathered in Paris May 28 and 29th to join faculty from NYU Paris and members of the renowned Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) for the conference “The End(s) of (In)Equality: France & the USA.” Shulman presented the keynote, “Rethinking Equality: From Liberal, Republican and Radical Paradigms of Equality to Figures of the Newly Thinkable,” kicking off a two-day discussion of issues related to gender, identity, and cultural difference. Offering an opportunity for American academics and French counterparts to engage with one another, the conference revealed where scholarship in both countries overlap and where it diverges when discussing definitions of equality, the terms of citizenship, and issues of race. Gallatin professors Ritty Lukose and Vasuki Nesiah each presented a paper—“The Difference That Diaspora Makes” and “Occult Origins Handcuffed to History: The Story of Rights,” respectively—at the conference. “One strength of a conference like this is its comparative focus,” noted Professor Lukose. “The structure of the Global Network University means that it forces us to be more comparative than we otherwise might be in our preoccupations. There are many different ways of conceptualizing what ‘comparative’ means, but I think it’s a fruitful direction for scholarly collaboration and conversation.”