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On the Offensive against Bullying

Gallatin Sophomore Speaks about Her Anti-Bullying Book on ABC’s The View

Nov 2, 2015

Aija Mayrock, author of The Survival Guide to Bullying

“It’s not about what knocks you down, it's about what makes you stand up,” said Aija Mayrock (BA ’18) when she appeared on ABC’s The View. Mayrock was speaking about her newly released book, The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen (Scholastic, 2015), which details not only her own journey from being bullied through middle and high school but offers teen-to-teen advice on what strategies stop bullies cold. Opening each chapter with a “roem,” her term for a rap poem, Mayrock brings creativity and practical advice together in her book, which she first self-published when she was 19 before gaining the attention of major publishers, including Scholastic. Mayrock was no stranger to the publishing house, having won a 2013 Silver Medal for Poetry from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards—a win that boosted her self-confidence and inspired her to begin to write about her own experiences and to try to help others to benefit from what she learned. In the process of telling her story, Mayrock has become a vocal anti-bullying activist, helping to promote the month of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, partnering with ABC and Disney on their “Choose Kindness” campaign, and appearing at NYU’s Learning Leaders conference. Read more about Mayrock and her work on her site.