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Introducing Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast

A forum for conversations on collaborations at NYU Gallatin

Oct 29, 2019

Criss Cross logo with red and purple overlapping speech bubbles

NYU Gallatin is pleased to present Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast. A forum for showasing collaborative work at Gallatin, Criss Cross is hosted by Assistant Director of Communications, KC Trommer. "Over the years, I've had hundreds upon hundreds of incredible conversations with Gallatin faculty, alumni, students, and staff about collaborative projects being done at the School," says Trommer. "More often than not, these conversations became the basis for article or were used for a quote for Gallatin Today. Creating a podcast seemed like another way to share these conversations with the Gallatin community."

For the first episode, Trommer spoke with Gallatin faculty member Eugenia Kisin and Gallatin senior Anna Van Dine about Overflow, an exhibition that was shown in The Gallatin Galleries in the summer of 2019. The curation of Overflow was unusual in that Kisin and her fellow curators, Kristy Robertson, and Keith Miller, collaborated with students from Kisin’s “Art of the Anthropocene” course to curate and mount the show. The conversation covers what the students and the faculty learned from each other and from curating work that speaks to the climate crisis. Next up on Criss Cross is Matthew Stanley, speaking about the writing of his latest release, Einstein's War: How Relativity Triumphed Amid the Vicious Nationalism of World War I (Dutton, 2019). Stanley's book looks the unlikely--but entirely necessary--partnership between Einstein and the British astronomer AE Eddington that helped prove the Theory of Relativity and reaffirmed international scientific cooperation that was crumbling in the midst of the so-called "Great War."

Logo design and sound editing of Criss Cross are provided by Rowan Spencer (MA '17). You can listen in and subscribe to Criss Cross on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and closed captioning is available on NYU Stream.