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Building on Our Core Identity

Expanding Tutorials for Fall 2020

Oct 1, 2020

Teacher in mask teaching

NYU Gallatin has a long history of hosting student-initiated tutorials: small group courses consisting of two to five students who work closely with a faculty member on a common topic, project, or skill. These signature courses reflect the core of NYU Gallatin's pedagogy.

For the fall 2020 semester, the School increased the number of small, intensive, student-faculty exchanges and created additional tutorials, designed by faculty, to provide more opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate and explore a syllabus together. On average, five to eight students register for these faculty-led tutorials; during the fall of 2020, most are being taught in person.

Fall 2020 NYU Gallatin Tutorials
"How Human? Cyborgs, Robots and AI," led by Cyd Cipolla
"The Coming of Post-Consumer Society," led by Kimberly DaCosta
"Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth," led by Karen Holmberg
"In the Black: Black Business, Power and Freedom in America," led by Millery Polyné
"Finance for Social Theorists," led by Peter Rajsingh
"Fashion and Sustainability," led by Moya Luckett (pictured)
"Health and Human Rights," led by Alan Keller
"Creating an Episodic Series," led by Keith Miller
"The Consolation of Solitude," led by Antonio Rutigliano

"It's great to be working in person with a small, enthusiastic, and energized group of students—the tutorial seminars really represent so much that's good about Gallatin. With the students helping shape the course of the semester, the energy level in class is high and our conversations are both wide-ranging and focused, critical and creative. We all appreciate the intimacy the tutorial affords as well as the chance to get together in person to discuss key issues and approaches to sustainability in fashion, a subject in which we are all deeply invested."
—Moya Luckett, "Fashion and Sustainability"

The School is looking to continue to host both student and faculty-led tutorials in the future. Learn more about tutorials at NYU Gallatin.
Photos by Emma Comrie.

Two students masked in a classroom