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NYU Gallatin Welcomes New Faculty

In the Fall of 2022, eight faculty join Gallatin and the NYU community

Sep 1, 2022

faculty photos and a center square that reads WELCOME

(top row) Elaine Ayers, Raven Brown, Ashley Agbasoga (middle row) Patricia Kim, Ernest A. Bryant III (bottom row) Lauren Walsh, Meira Gold, Bernadette Myers

An anthropologist of Afro-Indigenous Mexico; a transdisciplinary art critic working across wide-ranging media; an art historian exploring power and memory in the ancient Mediterranean and West Asia. These are just three of the exciting new faculty that Gallatin is welcoming to the School and to the larger NYU community this fall. In addition to Ashley Agbasoga, Ernest A. Bryant III, and Patricia Kim, who join Gallatin as continuing full-time faculty, Elaine Ayers and Lauren Walsh join as Visiting Assistant Professors, and Raven Brown, Meira Gold, and Bernadette Myers as Postdoctoral Fellows. All will enrich Gallatin’s intellectual life through their innovative course offerings, cutting-edge research, and experiential learning that span fields as wide as Shakespearean England, conflict photojournalism, urban governance in Africa and Latin America, 19th-century imperial science, and more. To learn more about each faculty member, including their research interests and new course offerings, please view their faculty pages. A list of the courses being offered is included below. Find what they've been reading, learn about a summer memory and what they are most looking forward to at Gallatin this coming year by checking out Gallatin's Instagram: @nyugallatin.

New faculty course offerings:

Ashley Agbasoga
Fall 2022 Course: "Settler Colonialisms and Black/Indigenous Resistances throughout Abya Yala (the Americas) and Beyond"

Elaine Ayers
Fall 2022 Courses: "Travel, Trade, and Empire: Scientific Expeditions and the Politics of 'Discovery;'" "Visualizing the Invisible: Observation and its Discontents in the History of Art and Science"

Raven Brown
Fall 2022 Course: "African Cities"

Ernest A. Bryant III
Fall 2022 Courses: "The Meme: Images and Words Make Ideas"; "First-Year Writing Seminar: Engaging Art in Our World"

Meira Gold
Fall 2022 Course: "Historicizing Humankind"

Patricia Eunji Kim
Fall 2022 Courses: 
"Looking at Sex"; "The Arts and Archaeology of Royal Women in the Ancient Mediterranean"

Bernadette Myers
Fall 2022 Course: "Environmental Crisis on the Shakespearean Stage"

Lauren Walsh
Fall 2022 Courses: "Contemporary Visual Culture and the Politics of Images; Photojournalism and Democracy"