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Students Present Projects at Annual Gallatin Student Research Conference

Annual awards fund twenty undergraduate and graduate research projects

Oct 28, 2022

Gallatin Student Research Conference 2022

On October 28, 2022, Gallatin held its annual Student Research Conference in The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts. Moderated by Gallatin professor Sarah Murphy, the conference featured selected student research projects from recipients of the Dean’s Award for Summer Research (DASR), the Africa House Bergman Summer Fellowship, and the Horn Family Fund for Environmental Research.

The Gallatin Student Research Conference began in 2014 as the Dean’s Award for Summer Research Conference, and was designed to allow Gallatin students to present their original research to the broader Gallatin community. Over time, the conference expanded to include recipients of the Dean's Award for Summer Research, the Africa House Bergman Summer Fellowship, and the Horn Family Fund for Environmental Research. These awards were designed in order for Gallatin students to engage in original research that enhances their understanding of their concentrations and prepares them for future fellowships and other academic programs. 

“It's a chance for them to talk to the wider audience and the public about their work, but also for Gallatin students to come and see what you can get funded or what you can work on at Gallatin,” said research mentor Irene Morrison-Moncure, who is also the junior class adviser and an associate faculty member at Gallatin. 

This year, the awards funded a total of twenty undergraduate and graduate students’ research. The range of projects was broad and illustrative of Gallatin’s interdisciplinary nature, and included a variety of projects spanning the arts, sciences, and humanities. With their awards, students were able to conduct research both domestically (Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, and New York) and abroad (France, Ghana, Egypt, Japan, Scandinavia, Mongolia, Chile, and El Salvador).

“This [research] is going to help support [students’] concentrations and what they're interested in at Gallatin, which will make [them] feel like they really got the true Gallatin experience,” said Morrison-Moncure.

This year’s featured panelists included: Ben Cresto (BA '24), Sarika Doppalapudi (BA '23), Fion Fong (MA '23), Joseph Redmond (BA '23), Sammy Tavassoli (BA '23), Naomi Thompkins (BA '23), Abney Turner (BA '23), and Kira Joy Williams (MA, '23).

Gallatin students can apply for available research awards during the spring semester in order to fund upcoming summer research. Past awardees have gone on to use their research as the basis for theses, senior projects, other conferences and festivals, and even employment opportunities.

All student video presentations, including videos of those not speaking during the conference, can be found on the Gallatin Summer Research Blog at