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Victoria Geduld

MA '06 - Collaborative Dance Performance

When Victoria entered Gallatin, she was an experienced performer of contemporary and Baroque dance. A student of Martha Graham, she had also danced with the Martha Graham School Company. She then changed careers, earning a BA and an MBA from Columbia University, and worked in the world of finance as a fund manager and analyst.

At Gallatin, she returned to dance to hone her skills as a historian of dance. Her thesis,
"Collaborative Dance Performances, 1930-1970," was published in American Communist History and examined the Communist Party’s influence on American dance from 1932-1955.

After graduating from Gallatin, Victoria received fellowships from the Library of Congress and the George Washington University Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research, and she won awards from the Society of Dance History Scholars. She is an adjunct professor of dance and culture at Marymount Manhattan College and has lectured and presented at venues  including the London School of Economics, Centre National de la Danse in Paris, and the New York Historical Society.

Victoria earned her PhD in history from Columbia University in May of 2013, specializing in 20th-century history, Cold War foreign policy, political movements and culture and dance. Her pursuits have expanded on dance as evidence in a larger historical examination, a study she began at Gallatin.


Victoria Geduld