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James Gain

MA '12 - Young Adult Literature

James earned his BA in Film/TV from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. With a background in screenwriting, his concentration at Gallatin was young adult literature and publishing, with a focus on adapting works for the screen.

His artistic thesis was a historical young adult novel titled In the Days of Magic. Set in 1692, it revolves around a young woman who flees the Salem witch trials to enact a curse on those responsible for hanging her sister. His master’s thesis essay was “Unifying the Narrative Arc in Fiction—An Analysis of Suspense and Tension,” and explored the relationship between suspense and tension in prose and the role it plays in unifying individual scenes to the overall plot.

James's coursework ranged across NYU, including courses in publishing, young adult literature, and fiction. He was awarded the NYU President’s Award for his contributions to the University and his role in creating community. His scripts include a noir Western titled You Love Me and a dark comedy about the late coming of age of a young professional titled The Property Manager. His most recent book, The Big Fat, is the first in a middle grade series. He is currently writing the second.

James Gain