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John Sumpter

MA Candidate – Media, Communications, and Social Development

After completing his undergraduate degree at Syracuse University in political science with a focus on Middle East development, John moved to NYC where he worked in media development and digital branding with a variety of companies, such as the New York Stock Exchange and BrandYourself. Because of his passion for social media and his interest in its effects on human behavior, he applied to Gallatin in order to research the connection between social media use, urban design, and social development as they interconnect in revolutionary and activist spaces. Due to the capitalistic nature of urban design and social networks, John applied to be a fellow with the NYU Gallatin Research Initiative in London to explore growing trends in urban design for public space as well as social media’s ability to define what is “private” and what is “public.” Since returning from London, John has been using his findings to create a clear understanding as to how urban design for public spaces in Egypt impacted the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and how social media provided a virtual “public space” for activists and citizens.