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Assama Ketegou

BA – Medical Humanities

A Brooklyn native born to Togolese immigrants, Assama is a senior at Gallatin on the Pre-Health track, developing a concentration he calls Medical Humanities. Drawing from his personal experiences living with chronic illness, Assama is interested in exploring the relationship between philosophy and science, especially in the context of medicine. He has been exploring human health, disease, and healthcare systems through an interdisciplinary lens, imploring philosophical, anthropological, and sociological approaches on these topics.

Assama’s advisers and teachers Bradley Lewis, Allen Keller, Cyd Cipolla have been integral in showing him the intersections between medicine and humanitarian work, and the many ways in which a career in medicine can take shape. His studies have included analyses of the moral, social, and cultural dimensions of medicine, illness, global health, and health care disparities.

As a senior, he has been considering how to strike a balance between a career in medicine and humanitarian work. He was selected NYU’s 2016 Dalai Lama Fellow and has been developing an initiative that aims to improve positive health and educational outcomes for adolescents living with chronic illness as he finishes up his senior year. In 2016, Assama was selected as an Amgen Scholar, a program that allows undergraduates to work full-time on independent research projects under the guidance of a research scientist. After graduation from Gallatin, Assama will conduct research in science and biotechnology at Washington University in St. Louis.



Assama Ketegou

I love Gallatin, because the curriculum can truly be an extension or reflection of your individual self, responding your development, growth, and evolution throughout college. With all their interdisciplinary expertise, the faculty, especially professors and advisers, steward and direct that growth as they get to know more about you and you learn about them.