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Dipika Gaur

BA '14 - Global Health Equity

Native New Yorker Dipika chose Gallatin because she was amazed by the diversity of academic disciplines Gallatin students chose to combine into concentrations. She says she felt comfortable coming to Gallatin because she knew she could engage the disciplines she was interested in by considering how they work together in society. Dipika is concentrating in Global Health Equity with a cross-school minor in Public Health and Policy at the Steinhardt School. “The focus of my academic path is to understand how disparities in access to health care are exacerbated by disease, stigma, misinformation, low socio-economic status and discrimination," she says.

Dipika took Professor Allen Keller’s course Health and Human Rights in The World Community, which allowed her to explore the lack of adequate healthcare through the lens of human rights violations. She received a 2012 Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights, and traveled to India to conduct research on how gender-based discrimination impacted women's ability to get tested for HIV and access other healthcare services. As an Albert Gallatin Scholar, she traveled to South Africa, and published an article in the 2011 Albert Gallatin Scholars’ journal, Mosaic, titled "Fighting AIDS in South Africa: Tradition Meets Modernity."

She is part of the PreHealth Advisory Board at NYU, a group of pre-health students from across the university who organize informational events for NYU's pre health student body and communicate the student perspective about events, resources, and procedures to NYU's Pre-Professional Advising Office staff. She is also the co-chapter leader of NYU's FACE AIDS, a global youth movement that empowers students from high schools and universities across the US and Canada to spread awareness about the fight against HIV/AIDS and fundraise for comprehensive health care in Rwanda. Dipika is also a child life volunteer in Pediatric Oncology at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, visiting with young patients in the hospital.

Dipika Gaur