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Louisa Nolte

BA - Architectural Studies, minor in Studio Art

Originally from Munich, Germany, Louisa is developing a concentration in architectural studies that considers cultural, social, and environmental contexts. In her studies, she seeks to critically examine how design and the built environment are able to create social and environmental change.

Classes such as Anooradha Siddiqi’s “Modern Architectures of South Asia” and “Architecture and the Modern” and Louise Harpman’s “Architecture and Urban Design Lab I” and “Good Design: Scale” are among the most influential courses she has taken at Gallatin. She has been able to take classes in several of schools across NYU, which has enabled her to create a dialogue between theory, history, and the process of design.

As a 2016 Dean's Award for Summer Research recipient, Louisa conducted research in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she examined sustainable urban planning. Incorporating what she studied and experienced, she proposed a design scheme for New York City that would establish better interactions between people, the environment, and the urban landscape.

Louisa is also a recipient of support from the Horn Family Environmental Studies Resource Fund, for which she and her partner, Gallatin student William Kammler, traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to examine the effects of FEMA and the federal government’s response to the housing crisis post-Katrina. Their goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of which components failed and which succeeded in the implementation of “temporary” emergency shelters there; the two are collaborating on a design for a new shelter.

Louisa Nolte