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Tyler Benjamin

BA Candidate – Entrepreneurship and the Redistribution of Wealth

Tyler came to New York from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and brought with him a passion for entrepreneurship and an interest in economics. As a first year and recent arrival in NYC, Tyler found Michael Dinwiddie’s “Migration and American Culture” course a formative experience; in it, students visit and learn about the history and people of New York City’s five boroughs—an exploration that made the Louisiana native feel more at home in his adoptive city.

During his time at Gallatin, Tyler has served for three years on the Gallatin Student Council, and is the Student Council President for 2016-2017. In this role, Tyler hopes to help foster a more inclusive environment for students. During his junior year, Tyler refined his leadership skills when he visited the NYU Abu Dhabi campus to attend the NYU Global Leadership Summit, an event that drew together thirty students from all the NYU sites to look at leadership challenges and goals.

In addition to working for the Gallatin Freshman Business Affinity Group and the 1831 Fund Committee, and serving as an Orientation Leader, Tyler co-founded the NYU chapter of the a nationwide, student-run nonprofit organization Consult Your Community (CYC). For CYC, Tyler and other students work with low-income and minority-owned small businesses to provide business owners with comprehensive, pro bono consulting services.

Tyler is passionate about addressing and dismantling the systemic inequalities that obstruct minority groups from accessing higher education. He hopes to achieve his dream of establishing a nonprofit organization that will enable disenfranchised minorities to succeed.


Tyler Benjamin

At Gallatin, I am surrounded by some of the most creative and intelligent people, have a team of advisers helping me navigate the University, and professors who challenge—but also support—my ideas.