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Will Creeley

BA '03 - Political Memory and the Burden of History

Will started at NYU in the College of Arts and Science but, having come from a small, public high school in Buffalo, he found the size of the classes at CAS overwhelming. “I was thrilled to find Gallatin,” he said. “All of a sudden, everything made sense. New York opened up, the world of ideas opened up, and it was all attributable to Gallatin.”

His colloquium was on political memory and the burden of history, a topic that involved a mix of philosophy, critical theory, history, and English literature. Outside of his academic work, he joined the student council, co-founded a chapter of the Green Party, served as a student senator, and spoke at Gallatin’s graduation ceremony as well as for NYU’s commencement. His happy experience at Gallatin influenced his sister, Hannah Creeley (BA ’05), to follow him to the School.

After graduation, he enrolled in NYU Law School, followed by an internship with the Philadelphia-based organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) the summer after his first year of law school. “I realized this was the work I had imagined myself doing,” he recalled. He is now director of legal and public advocacy for FIRE, where he works to protect free speech on college and university campuses.

Will Creeley