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Gallatin Teaching and Advising Awards

Faculty Awardees from 2019

Gallatin Professor Matt Stanley (second from right) at the DTA Ceremony

NYU's Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

Established in 1987, the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) highlights New York University's commitment to teaching excellence and is given annually to selected outstanding members of the faculty. Recipients are presented with a research stipend. Gallatin faculty awardees include:

Stephen Duncombe 2019-2020 Matt Stanley 2018-2019
Sara Murphy 2017-2018 Gregory Erickson 2016-2017
Karen Hornick 2014-2015 e. Frances White 2013-2014
Julie Malnig 2012-2013 Laura Slatkin 2011-2012
Stacy Pies 2006-2007 Michael Dinwiddie 2004-2005
George Shulman 2002-2003 Lisa Goldfarb 1998-1999*
Steve Hutkins 1997-1998 Sharon Friedman 1988-1989
Bella Mirabella 1990-1991* Laurin Raiken 1982-1983*
*NYU Great Teacher Award  

Gallatin Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching Recent Recipients

Each year, the Gallatin Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, along with funds that come with the award, is given to one full-time and two part-time faculty members to honor their work in the classroom and their contributions to the intellectual life of the School.

Vasuki Nesiah 2021  
Julian Cornell 2021 Carol Zoref 2021
Eugene Vydrin 2020 Judith Greenberg 2020
Steven Rinehart 2020 Myisha Priest 2019
Chris Bram 2019 June Foley 2019
Hallie Franks 2018 Bruce King 2018
Benjamin Steinfeld 2018 Andy Romig 2017
Emily Fragos 2017 Lauren Walsh 2017
Gregory Erickson 2016 Scott Korb 2016
Leslie Satin 2016 Matt Stanley 2015
William Caspary 2015 Moya Luckett 2015
Kristin Horton 2014 Chris Spain 2014
Keith Miller 2014 David Moore 2013
Pat Lennox 2013 Victoria Blythe 2013
Stephen Duncombe 2012 Chris Beam 2012
Maria Hodermarska 2012 Sara Murphy 2011
Christopher Trogan 2011 Donna Goodman 2011
Julie Malnig 2010 Selma Thompson 2010
Lise Friedman 2010 Karen Hornick 2009
Pat Rock 2009 Vasu Varadhan 2009
Lisa Goldfarb at podium

Gallatin Professor Lisa Goldfarb, an NYU Great Teacher and Gallatin Adviser of Distinction Awardee

Gallatin Adviser of Distinction Award Recent Recipients

The Gallatin Adviser of Distinction Award, along with funds that accompany the award, is given annually in recognition of the extraordinary contribution Gallatin’s part-time faculty members make to advance the School’s advising mission.

Cynthia Allen 2021  
Antonio Rutigliano 2020 Moya Luckett 2019
Bill Rayner 2018 Selma Thompson 2017
Cyd Cipolla 2016 Robin Powell 2015
Yevgeniya Traps 2014 Eugene Vydrin 2013
Scott Korb 2012 Christopher Cartmill 2011
Leslie Satin 2010 Antonio Lauria-Perricelli 2009
Lise Friedman 2008 Annie Blythe 2007
Pat McCreery 2006 Pat Lennox 2005
Ann Axtmann 2004 Sara Murphy 2003
Vasu Varadhan 2002 Bettina Carbonell 2001
Scott Hightower 2000 June Foley 1999
Roz Wilder 1998 David Irving 1997
Scott McPartland 1996 Karen Hornick 1995
Lisa Goldfarb 1994 Sheril Antonio 1993
Lorie Hartman 1992