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Patrick McCreery

Associate Dean of Students and Clinical Assistant Professor
(212) 998-7351
1 Wash Pl, Room 724

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B.S. Communications, University of Miami, 1989
M.A. American Studies, New York University, 1997
Ph.D. American Studies, New York University, 2009

Patrick McCreery’s teaching and research interests lie in the areas of sexual politics, family life and the role of the symbolic child figure in the United States. At Gallatin, he teaches interdisciplinary seminars that explore the politics of childhood, contested notions of "family," and artistic representations of HIV-AIDS. He is currently working on a book that contextualizes Anita Bryant’s 1977 “Save Our Children” campaign within national debates at the time over sexual autonomy, children's perceived innocence and the rapid expansion of civil rights in the 1960s and '70s. Prof. McCreery has published essays in journals such as GLQ, New Labor Forum, Radical History Review and Social Text, and he co-edited the anthology Out at Work: Building a Gay-Labor Alliance (University of Minnesota Press). An accomplished administrator, he is a past recipient of Gallatin’s Adviser of Distinction Award.

Edited Volumes


Patrick McCreery and Kitty Krupat's Out at Work: Building a Gay-Labor Alliance

Patrick McCreery and Kitty Krupat's edited volume, Out at Work: Building a Gay-Labor Alliance, was published by University of Minnesota Press.

Teaching and Research Interests

sexual politics; childhood; family life; urban studies; American studies

Patrick McCreery