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Steve Hutkins

Associate Professor

B.A. English, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1975
M.A. English, New York University, 1977
Ph.D. English, New York University, 1986

Steven Hutkins received his PhD in English Renaissance literature, and his current teaching and research interests focus on place studies and travel literature. His courses include A Sense of Place (a study of how we experience places and how they shape us); Travel Narratives (nonfiction travel literature); Travel Fictions (novels and short stories about journeys); The Travel Habit (about travel during the Great Depression); Travel Classics (a Great Books course); and The Art of Travel (an online course for students studying abroad). He has also taught courses on Greek and Renaissance literature, postmodern fiction, utopian literature, and prose style. He is the recipient of a 1998 NYU Distinguished Teaching Award, which is presented annually to outstanding full-time faculty members in recognition that one of NYU's primary institutional priorities, along with research, is exceptional teaching inside and outside of the classroom setting.

Teaching and Research Interests

literature; place; travel; utopia; writing  

Steve Hutkins