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Yousef Abazari

Global Faculty in Residence

Office Hours
Monday 12-2
Wednesday 2-4

B.A. Sociology, University of Communication Science, 1973
M.A. Sociology, University of Tehran, 1988
Ph.D. Sociology, University of Tehran, 1995

Yousef Abazari is an associate professor at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Tehran, where his teaching interests span “Introduction to Sociology,” “Sociology of Literature,” “Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory,” “Sociology of culture.” Since 2013, he has been the editor in chief of Sociological Review, the leading Iranian journal of sociology. His recent articles include “Three Decades of Cohabitation of Religion and Neoliberalism in Iran” (coauthored with Arman Zakeri), “On the History of the Establishment of State Educational Institutions for Management and Free Market in Iran” (coauthored with Hamid Parnian), “Market Fundamentalism; A Critique of Neoliberal Thought and its Iranian Supporters.” His book, Sociological Reason (Tarh-e Nu Press, 2010), explores the reflexive and critical approach of the founding fathers of sociology vis à vis enlightenment and modern society in order to critique the anti-enlightenment philosophy of people like Martin Heidegger. Abazari is a co-founder of a translation project called Arghanoun [The Organon] in Iran, where he and other prominent Iranian intellectuals translated the key articles of continental and analytic philosophy of the 20th century, and introduced figures such as Georg Simmel, Norbert Elias, and Richard Rorty, to Persian readers.

Teaching and Research Interests

sociology of contemporary Iranian economics, neoliberal subjectivity in post-revolutionary Iran, modern and contemporary Persian literature and culture, neoliberalizing Capitalism, critical theory


2020 Spring

Neoliberalism in Iran

Yousef Abazari