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Emily Hurley

MA Candidate: Global Gender Studies

Dean's Graduate Scholar - Globalization and Social Change

Pronouns: She/Her

Emily is a multidisciplinary scholar interested in a range of fields including Gender Studies, Political Science, International Relations, and History. She graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies. After graduating, Emily began working in academic publishing at Cambridge University Press. She quickly became involved in the Open Access program, which promotes free, high-quality, peer-reviewed content for everyone. At Gallatin, Emily’s concentration allows her to closely examine the recent incorporation of gender, sexuality, and feminist studies to the discipline of international affairs. Thematically, she is interested in what happens to international understandings of politics when women’s lives become central to our analysis, as past theories of political systems have focused on the activities of white, elite men. Emily's interest in racial, class, ethnic, and national identity dynamics, as well as ideas about femininities and masculinities, propel her research and her desire to expand the way global politics are approached in real world applications and academia.

Emily Hurley